How to cut cost when repairing your airconditioner

    Air conditioners are one of the most important household equipment. It is one of the investment you make in your home that is really worth it, especially during some intense heat wave. Turning on your air conditioner and just taking in that really chilled breeze gives you a really relaxing experience.

    Air conditioners are built to be low maintenance, that means they don’t really cost much to maintain. That doesn’t mean you should overlook the well-being of your air conditioner till it has worked for so long and it breaks down completely.

    Fixing a spoiled air-conditioning system is quite expensive. And if you disregard your air conditioner, there is a high chance it might break down, and it will need some fixing of heating repair etc. You don’t want to endure a very hot summer day with no air conditioner because your air conditioner is at the repair shop getting fixed.

    To avoid huge costs, and to minimize cost when repairing your air conditioner, there are few tips you need to follow that will help your air-conditioning system keep on working for a long time without breaking down, and you will eliminate expensive repair costs.

    Ways to reduce air-conditioning repair costs

    There are practices that you need to follow to help you reduce air conditioner repair costs. This section of the article will be highlighting them to you.

    1. Go for regular air conditioner maintenance

    This is the best and most cost effective practice to follow if you want to reduce air-conditioning system repair cost. It is better to invest in regular air-conditioning system maintenance, than to disregard the system till it breaks down and needs to be repaired.

    Repairs are more costly than having regular maintenance. There are different methods to employ, and different maintenance practices to employ that will keep your air-conditioning system in top shape for a long time.

    Changing the air filter

    Air conditioner filter change

    One of the most effective maintenance practice to keep your air-conditioning system in top shape is to always change the air filter at regular intervals. This practice is one of the easiest things you can do as a homeowner to keep your air conditioning system working at the optimal efficiency.

    It doesn’t require the service of a highly skilled air conditioner repair man, just you as a homeowner can change your air filter yourself. The air filter collects the dust the air-conditioning system sucks in and stores it.

    Without regular cleaning or changing of the air filter, the dusts accumulate on it, and in time it may damage the air conditioner as a whole. Dirty air filters will reduce air flow, and cause low quality air supply.

    Schedule regular clean ups and changing of air filters, maybe once every month, or once in two months. Research also says regular cleaning of your air filters will help you reduce your cooling cost by 5-15%. 

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    Schedule regular tune-ups for your air conditioner

    Another great practice to ensure your air-conditioning system is in tip-top shape is to schedule regular tune-ups for your air conditioner. Scheduling regular tune ups for your air conditioner helps it to always work efficiently.

    Regular tune-ups of your air-conditioning system will help you prevent the breakdown of your air conditioner.

    Maintain regular cleaning of your system

    Air conditioner outdoor change

    Just as your home needs regular cleaning so you can live in it comfortably, that is the same way your air conditioner needs to be clean regularly to prevent it from damaging completely.

    Cleaning of your air-conditioning system doesn’t need you to employ the service of a professional cleaner, just open up the air conditioner, and check for leaks, drainage or plumbing issues to make sure the wires are not in bad shape.

    Also, check if there are no molds developing in the interior, and the evaporating coils are clean. A simple clean up with a wet rag or towel will help your air conditioner stay clean and effective, and you should try this at least once every month.

    2. Seal home leaks

    This is an issue faced by most homeowners. Your home could have leaks that allows hot air to pass through, especially during intense best wave. Always inspect your home for possible leaks, sometimes a pinhole leak in your window, or a massive leak in your ductwork can sabotage the effectiveness of your air-conditioning system.

    Try to find the leaks in your home and repair them. This will help you save up on cooling costs, and also maintain the effectiveness of your cooling system.

    3. Proper attic insulation

    Attic insulation is regarded as the blanket of your home. The job of an attic insulator is to keep air in their proper position. It helps keep hot or cold air in or out, depends on the season.

    You can inspect our attic floor to check of they have proper insulation by checking across your attic floor, and to know if your attic is properly insulated just check if the insulation reaches the top of the joist. You can check the level of your insulation (R-value) by using a ruler.

    Proper attic insulation will save you over $600 in cooling cost and air-conditioning system repairs annually.

    There are three different methods for adding more attic insulation. Loose fill or blown in, roll on or blanket, and sprayed foam polyurethane. If you don’t have experience with adjusting your attic insulation, then it is advisable to employ the services of a professional.

    Alternative ways to avoid air conditioner repairs

    Air conditioners like humans can be stressed out, overworked, and get tired. It is advisable to switch off your air conditioner once in a while to avoid over working it.

    One reason why air conditioners gets damaged and need repairs is mostly because of overheating, or one of the components gives in due to excessive use. That is why you need to switch off your air conditioner once in a while, and make use of it only when it is really needed.

    With all these tips and practices you should know that cost of air-conditioning repair can be minimized if you take good care of your unit.

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