The Best Ways to Keep Home Glass Windows Clean

    Keeping your windows clean and streak-free is an essential part in maintaining your home. Windows not only complement your home’s exterior aesthetic, but the interior design as well. Keeping your windows clean can seem like a difficult task as there’s not much you can do about dust and the weather. But there are tips and tricks that make cleaning windows- and keeping them clean- quick and easy.


    Rinsing windows with water removes the loose dust, dirt and stains that come from weather and exposure. Rinsing the windows with a bucket or hose pipe, takes little effort and reduces the amount of time you would have spent scrubbing by hand and rinsing out sponges.

    Use homemade solutions

    Homemade solutions to cleaning products are often a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly and safer for your family than chemical cleaners. Fortunately, not much is needed to make homemade window cleaners.

    All you need is water and some vinegar. For a stronger and freshly-scented solution, you can add a drop of an essential oil, such as lemon. You don’t need to worry about the smell of vinegar, as it dissipates quickly. Add or reduce the amount of vinegar depending on how concentrated or powerful you want the solution to be.

    Another great alternative to chemical cleaners is dish soap. It gives your glass a nice shiny look and is something you can find in almost any home.  Be sure to rinse dish soap off windows well as they can make the glass more prone to streaks when drying.

    Cleaning the windows and frames

    Once you’re done washing the glass, rinse it off with clean water once again, to ensure the cleaning product has been cleared away.

    Wipe the window panes and frames. You could use the same solution or any preferred cleaning product.  Use a vacuum cleaner to reach spaces in between the frames and panes and then wipe with a wet cloth.

    If you’ve notice small scratches in the glass that don’t go away with scrubbing, there’s a simple solution. Polish the area with toothpaste as it fills in the tiny grazes.

    Keep Home Glass Windows Clean

    Drying and buffing the glass

    It’s best to avoid cleaning windows on particularly hot days as direct sunlight may dry the window too quickly and not give you enough time to polish or buff the glass.

    Don’t let the glass dry on its own as this often leaves smudges, marks and streaks. Also, dust mixes into the wet surface.

    Use a clean cloth to remove the water. An old t-shirt works just as well as any other cloth. After drying, buff the windows with crumbled up newspaper.

    Go the extra mile and polish the frames as well. Regular maintenance on window frames makes the world of difference to the appearance of your home as well as the durability of the window.

    Don’t hesitate to repair or replace broken glass or any other repairs or maintenance of your windows. The longer the structure remains damaged, the more effort it takes to repair or replace. Windows are a great and reliable investment for your home and are relatively easy to take care of.


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