Top 10 tips to keep your home cooler naturally

    The summer has arrived, became unbearable and hitting harder each year. Summer is a great time for doing fun outdoor activities and also to beat the heat within the home. Everyone likes the naturally cool looking home, As cooler homes allows more fresh air and make you more relax during hot & humid days. So it is really important to know how to keep your home cool during the peak of summer and needs to be prepared for it.

    Air conditioner is a best solution to tackle the hot days but they will not work well all the times, as they show bad responses to your electricity bills. So it is much better to stay cool at your home cool in natural way. Since there are lots of helpful alternatives available that you can do to keep your home naturally cool without using an air conditioner and without burning a hole in pockets.

    Here are the tips to keep your home cooler naturally. Many of the items mention in the below list can easily be bought online from any top UK brands and shops.

    1. Use Ceiling Fans wisely

    Ceiling fans are not the stylish looking and glamorous accessories for home but are necessary to tackle and beat the heat. As ceiling fans are the common alternatives to air conditioner that circulates the air and making the room cooler. Since the ceiling fan must be well adjusted so that they can rotate in counter-clockwise directions during the summer, whereas the counter-clockwise rotations of a fan can generate a downdraft that makes the room feel cooler.

    2. Open the windows to invite the cool air

    The cool air can be easily invited to home just by keeping the windows opened during the night time. The temperature can also be refreshing and cool at night even during the hot summer days, therefore keep open the windows during night and let the fresh breezy air get inside will undoubtedly make the rooms more cool and refreshing that will make you more relax and also provide good comfort.

    3. Use LED lights

    As we know that LED lights are more efficient to energy with low heat capacity as compared to Traditional Incandescent Lights, whereas the traditional incandescent light releases most of its energy in the form of heat which will increase the room temperature. Light emitting diodes are the latest surprising and technological advancement in lightning industry, Hence by replacing the incandescent lights with Led lights will not only decreases the room temperature but also brings decrease in the energy bills.

    4. Plant saplings at your home

    A Bright Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement

    As we know that plants are well known for their cooling effect in their residential areas. Keeping your house surrounded with small plants or saplings can make the house naturally cool. Since these days terrace gardens and kitchen gardens are quite famous, whereas they not only bring beauty to house but also help to bring the temperature down.

    5. Keep the curtains and blinds closed


    Much of heat in home occurs due to sunlight that get enters through the window. Since direct sunlight to the house can warm up the floor very easily and can also make the staying at home really difficult and painful. We cannot escape from these harsh and humid rays but we can only avoid them by using blinds. Exterior blinds and curtains can also be used as they helps to keep the heat out of home, whereas it is necessary to keep the blinds and curtains shut before the rooms get warm-up.

    6. Make DIY natural air Conditioner

    A creative DIY natural conditioner can also be prepared at home to keep the home cool. It can be made easily just by placing a brass container filled with an ice-water keeping it under a fan and let the fan to spread the cool air around the rooms. Few beautiful flowers can also be placed inside the wide-mouth container to include color to the rooms and getting more artistic looks in a natural way. Doing this will definitely helps to keep the home cool.

    7. Start cooking outside

    To prevent the rooms from over-heating, many houses are having the summer kitchens about 100 years ago. Cooking with stove and oven can increase the room temperature and makes the rooms feel hotter; therefore cooking more outside on a grill will keep the interior of home cool and low temperature. As keeping the pots covered during cook and using an exhaust fan to lower down the heat will helps to minimize the heating capacity.

    8. Use Reflective window film

    As we know that reflective window film reflects the heat and keeps the heat outside, therefore reflective window film will work well for those who don’t want to open the windows. Using a reflective window film will beat away the heat and keeping the home cooler.

    9. Get cool roof

    Have u ever went out in sun wearing a black T-shirt? Or have u ever thought that why the DIY solar heaters are painted with black colors? That is because they absorb the heat and most of the shingles are of black color because they are made with tar. A cool roof supports cool living, whereas cool roofs are one of those that reflect the sunlight and also reduces the amount of heat from home. The cool roofs can strongly lower down an internal home temperature and including cool roofs to home can lower the bills too.

    10. Turn off the electronic devices

    As we know that electronic gadgets and devices like TV, computers can generate bit of heat that can make the rooms quite hotter. So turning off and unplug the electronic devices and gadgets when not in use can reduce the heat from rooms and lower down the room temperatures.

    Summer days bring many wonderful things with it but an extreme heat is not a one of them. The temperatures are heating up every day and it can be a tough task to keep the home cool. The weather had already taken a turn towards the sweltering and there have been already some warm days. As these tips will helps to tackle and keeps the home cooler in a natural way. Use these tips and beat your room temperatures and keeps your home cooler so that you can enjoy without sweltering.

    If the summer heats are transforming your house into an oven and causing the air conditioning bill to go skyrocket then use the following tips. As these ideas will not only keeps your home cooler but also lower the bills without burning the pockets. If you can keep your home cool in a natural way then the air conditioners won’t have to work much.


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