5 outdoor games you should make a part of your routine

Outdoor games are very essential in anyone life. Outdoor games are the tough games which require stamina and physical fitness. Playing regular outdoor games can make a person get strong and fit. Outdoor games can increase our stamina. The physical movement and activity done in each outdoor game can act as the best exercise. But the value of outdoor games is decreasing day by day.

Technology is supporting us a lot. In the past we had to wash clothes with our hands which caused rashes and made our hands rough but know washing machine requires no hard work even tough stains can be removed easily. There was nothing for entertainment while relaxing and to learn about the news you had to wait for the newspaper and then read it but nowadays TV can provide us with regular entertainment, and we can listen to the news instead of reading it.

Though technology has provided us with many advantages, in the shape of a Washing machine, and TV it even has many negative impacts including indoor gaming. Technology has developed some machines known as gaming consoles to play games in the home. This gaming has caused many to avoid outdoor games. But still, there are some famous outdoor games impressing many. These outdoor games are supported a lot, and many people even play them. These five outdoor games should be a part of your routine.

1- Football


Football is a game which tests the physical strength and capability of a person. In football you need to hit a soccer ball into goal posts to score a point. The team to score more goals is distinguished as the winners. Football is the best outdoor game of all time. It is the most physical game one can play. Soccer involves pace stamina and hard work. In a normal soccer game, there are ninety minutes. These are ninety minutes of tough, physical activities. They can help a person a lot to develop their physique and strength. In a football game, you have to run a lot. To surpass an attacker as a defender you have to run faster than him to keep the ball in your control. If you are an attacker, you need to run faster than defenders to score a goal. This regular running helps you develop a physical state beneficial for you and can even improve your shape as you can obtain abs which can make you look good.

2- Golf


One of the most royal outdoor games is golf. In a golf game, you need to plot a golf ball in a hole using a golf stick. The player who plots the ball in the hole in less time wins the game. The best golf ball for distance is very important to have so that you can win. Though golf is considered as a polite game under the belt of other outdoor games but golfers even require strength to play golf effectively. To hit the ball with high magnitude you need to apply high force and this force is applied with the use of your elbows. This can strengthen your elbows and can make them comparatively strong for the next hit.

3- Basketball


Basketball is another physical game. In this game, you need to put the ball in a basket suited to a specific height. Basketball is one of the most popular outdoor game in the United States. This physical game is very tough to play. Each basketball game involves lots of physical movements. To put the ball in the basket you need to perform high jumps in regular intervals. This can help you for the betterment of your metabolism. In this game you even need to run a lot to surpass the opponents. This running can help you with your stamina and can make you fit and smart.

4- Baseball


Baseball is played with a bat having a circular bottom. In this game, you need to have more runs than your opponents to declare victory.

5- Cricket


Cricket is a similar game to baseball. In this game, you have a plane bat, and you need to hit more runs against your opponents to win. In this game, the strike to hit the ball and the effort to deliver a ball involves great physical activity.