Always follow these 9 rules in a yoga class

    Increasing pressure of work and a long list of unfinished assignments is making our life more hectic than ever. This brings our attention to the need for doing something that helps us to stay calm and focused all through the day.

    Every place follows a set of rules to maintain a unique environment, and a yoga class is no different. If you are planning to join a yoga class, you must learn about some specific rules that you have to follow. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, you must know what is expected of you when you are inside a yoga class.

    Here are a few rules that you must put into your checklist before you set your foot inside a yoga class:

    1. Keep your phone and other devices away

    Smartphones causing Stress

    Constantly checking your phone, texting, calling, using social media is a big no in a yoga class. You want to be present at the moment and fully focused while doing yoga. If you constantly get calls or use your phone, you will not only find it harder to concentrate but also end up disturbing others. This is one behavior that is not at all accepted in a yoga class. Keep your phone in the silent mode, preferably inside a locker. 

    2. Be punctual

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    You do not know if you will run into a troublemaker at the parking lot. So, it is always better to leave early and arrive at the yoga studio on time. You don’t want to be on a bad note with your yoga instructor as well as the other yogis. If you reach your class in a rush, it can be very stressful for you and distracting for your classmates. You should always reach your yoga class on time with some time in hand. Have sufficient time to arrange your items, put your phone, bag, etc. away, and settle down. If you have extra time, you can also do a little bit of warm-up before your class begins.

    3. Bring your own yoga mat

    yoga mat

    It does not look good if you go on asking for a yoga mat from your classmates. You should also not ask for a spare mat from the studio. Carry your own mat that you have chosen according to your comfort zone. Your mat should be non-skid, as per the length of your body and wider than your shoulder girdle. 

    4. Wear the right clothes

    Yoga on building top

    Yoga is all about different poses and controlled breathing. Your yoga wear must be comfortable. Wear clothes that fit your body and let your instructor see if you are doing the poses in the right way. While purchasing a yoga outfit, you must consider your comfort and the coverage you need for special yoga poses. 

    5. Stay calm

    Always follow these 9 rules in a yoga class 5

    Unlike gyms, you must keep calm and maintain silence in a yoga class. It is better to keep all your chatting and gossiping for later when you are out of the studio. A yoga room must stay calm and quiet. Try to keep your voice as low as possible and move quietly when you are entering the class. Ensure that you don’t disturb other classes by talking too loud after your class is over.

    6. Keep your ego at home

    Yoga is not for people who want to show off or get into a competition with others. It is all about finding inner peace. You don’t want to compare yourself with others and feel bad if you can’t do certain poses. Any negative attitude, complaining, etc. are things you should stay away from when you are in a yoga class. Always be respectful and kind with other yogis in your class.

    7. Keep your shoes away

    Always follow these 9 rules in a yoga class 6

    You need to remove your shoes before entering a yoga studio. As you have to practice yoga bare feet, you should keep your shoes outside the class (preferably in an area that is designated for keeping shoes). You should also remove your socks as you won’t be able to keep your grip on the yoga mat while doing the poses that require standing for long hours. This is applicable during the days of cold and rain.

    8. Look after your personal hygiene

    Washing hands

    Maintain your personal hygiene when you are going to the yoga class with others. Bathe, brush, and clean your hair and your yoga mat every day. Also, carry a clean towel with you. Since you are sharing the same space with many people, you should respect the sensitivity of other people to a strong scent. You must avoid using powerful perfume, colognes, or oils when you are going to your yoga class. 

    9. Clean before you leave

    You may borrow different props from the studio, including straps, blankets, bolsters, etc. Make sure you put all of them back from the place you have taken it. You should show respect to the studio by keeping your place as clean as before. You must not keep your place untidy and dirty as this will create a bad impression on your instructor and on the students who will attend the upcoming classes.

    A Quick Recap

    Joining a yoga class comes with its own set of rules. You should follow these rules to get the best out of your yoga class. Here is what you need to follow:

    • No phones
    • Arrive on time
    • Carry a yoga mat
    • Maintain the proper attire
    • Keep calm
    • Check your ego/attitude
    • Remove shoes
    • Take care of your personal hygiene
    • Clean your space before leaving

    Lastly, enjoy practicing yoga and take full benefit of it. Don’t stress too much if you can’t do a pose. Give it time, and you will see the results soon.

    William Shell
    William Shell
    William Shell is a Writer and Enthusiastic blogger and Professional CDR Writer. He is also associated with a reputed company for the past couple of years. William Shell loves to take part in adventure sports and likes yoga.

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