8 Tips to clean your house this spring [Infographics]

So, it’s getting to that time of the year again. Time to dust off the vacuum, heave the furniture out from the wall, try and move the oven.

That’s right.

It’s time for a spring clean!

The yearly clean up of the house is such a vital event to go through. A clean house is a clean mind after all! And decluttering is such a cathartic process that just leaves you so satisfied with a job well done.

It’s really one of my favorite things but I think I might be a bit weird in that respect! Of course, you don’t have to wait till spring to have a big clean out of your home, it can be really satisfying to do it at any time of the year. But, since it is a spring clean most people tend to get ready to do it at this time of year. So, I’ve put together a handy infographic of 8 Spring cleaning tips to kick you off in the right way.

My favorite tip from the list? It’s got to be cleaning the insides of your windows.

It’s something I think some people have possibly never done but it will make such a difference to your house. And, you can do it the exact same way you’d wash the outside of your windows (plus bonus points if you do both).

If the insides of your windows get cleaned then they’ll let in more light and with more light your house will look much warmer and more inviting.

The insides don’t gather nearly as much dirt as the outside which is why you only need to do it once a year. But if you’ve never done it before I bet you’ll see a difference.

And for another 7 great cleaning tips just have a look at the infographic below.

Spring cleaning Tips