Benefits of Pressure Washing over Vacuum Cleaning

    There are many benefits of pressure washing over vacuum cleaning. It is important to first know in brief about these two techniques before mentioning the benefits in detail.

    Vacuum Cleaning

    • Vacuum cleaning or cleaners include a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum that sucks up the dust and dirt. It also cleans upholstery and draperies.
    • The dirt is collected inside a dustbag or a cyclone that can be used for later disposal. These devices of vacuum cleaners exist in different sizes and shapes.
    • These devices are one of the old and natural ways to clean the residue and dirt on carpets and floor.
    • As per the recent innovations, new cleaning technology was developed also known as Air Recycling Technology. It is very popular and adopted by many device makers.

    Pressure Washing

    • Pressure washing is a commercial form of cleaning that requires specific equipment and using techniques to clean the carpet and upholstery to make them look clean and new-like.
    • Water is throttled from a high pressure to the carpets to ensure there are no issues at all to clean and maintain the carpet.
    • Commercial buildings and outdoor concrete surfaces like parking lots and walkways require high-pressure washing to wipe off the dirt from the floor, building and carpet areas.
    • Many big mansions and residential home also require pressure washing services or equipment to clean the house for once and all during once a year.

    Why Pressure Washing is beneficial than Vacuum Cleaning

    # 1 – Long term effect

    • The long-term effect of power or pressure washing is the number one factor as it helps to fend away the old residue and dirt completely.
    • When you use a vacuum cleaner, it does not clean the bacteria to the core or remove the germs at all.
    • Using power or pressure washing makes perfect sense as it will help to clean the upholstery for once and all.

    # 2 – Consumes Less Time

    • Pressure washing is part of residential or industrial cleaning services and does not take more time.
    • You can purchase the equipment and appoint a dedicated staff or hire a provider to do the needful.
    • If you have a house, you can buy small size equipment or call the provider once in a quarter to power wash the premises and make it fresh, bacteria-free, and new-like.

    # 3 – Less expensive

    • Pressure washing is less expensive than vacuum cleaning because you can use the pressure washing methods 3-4 times in a year which will yield the same result if you use vacuum cleaners to clean the whole premises (The minimum cleaning ratio is 100:4 for a year)


    • In a nutshell, it makes perfect sense to use pressure washing techniques instead of vacuum cleaning so that you can get a 100% bacteria and virus free premises.
    • You need to remember that long term bacteria and virus are bad for the premises as it can lead to diseases and may revert with bigger and disastrous results for your family or the company.
    • You can fulfill your small needs on your own and use pressure washing technique at your home to clean garden and yards. To learn how to use it, you can watch videos over YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Hope now, you have a clear idea about the benefits but don’t forget vacuum cleaning has its own profit too.
    Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker
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