First Date Impressions: Rent an Exotic Car

    Everyone knows that feeling that comes before going on a first date with someone special. Call it butterflies or call it adrenaline, it’s memorable. Everyone hopes to impress their date, but often nervousness gets in the way.

    The right set of wheels will convey everything you want to tell your date without saying a word; success, confidence, and style are the qualities you possess. An exotic car rental is one of the best ways to impress a date and ensure they enjoy the time of their life.

    There’s Only One First Impression

    It may sound obvious, but there’s no such thing as a second try at a first impression. Most people know this, and yet they still roll up to their date in some ugly economy car or even a dirty old junker. A date may be polite enough not to comment, and maybe they won’t even think about it, but unconsciously, they’ve already formed a picture of who you are based on your choice of car.

    Even if they don’t mind a normal car, the opportunity to make the ordinary into something extraordinary has been lost. Choosing an exotic car, instead of your regular car, can turn any date into something better, more memorable, and exceedingly special.

    Thrill Your Date

    The Mustang

    Anyone can take a date to a concert or dinner, but not everyone can take their date on a thrilling drive in a car that was engineered for adventure. While exotic cars look great just sitting in a driveway, they really shine during a heart-thumping race on the road.

    Your car can also be one small part of a more intricate evening out. A few activities that are enhanced by your choice of an exotic car include:

    • Driving out of the city to go stargazing without light pollution
    • Heading to another city with different restaurants and attractions
    • Finding a drive-in movie theater
    • Driving to a natural setting like the beach or nearby mountains

    Show Your Personal Style

    High-end and luxury cars are meant to look good, but by choosing the right one, you can also show your personal style. A sleek, two-door coupe from a German manufacturer shows that you like speed and adventure. An American muscle car, on the other hand, conveys a powerful, classic style, while luxury SUVs hint that you enjoy a comfortable ride, while still being open to adventure.

    Color is also an important decision. Choosing red for a sports car is the peak of sexy auspiciousness, whereas a black exotic implies restrained elegance.

    Renting an Exotic Car is Affordable

    Rolling up in an exotic car on the first date will leave your date breathless. For those who aren’t in the market buy an exotic car right now, exotic car rental is a great alternative. Depending on the length of the rental and the type of car you prefer, it can be a very affordable upgrade your normal driving experience.

    Try renting an exotic car to stand out from the crowd on your next date.

    Albert Krav
    Albert Krav
    Albert Krav is a professional motorsports driver and a freelance lifestyle writer from Santa Monica, California. With his automobile expertise, he enjoys writing articles that inform people in an interesting and engaging manner. When he is not busy working and writing, he enjoys driving his 1966 Mustang GT on the Pacific Coast Highway.

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    1. Exotic cars definitely add to status symbol. But one cannot drive to the full potential on Indian road. If not traffic, there may be a speed breaker or an unexpected pedestrian or cyclist or a cow. Besides, there may be possibility to getting scratched or dent or in worst case scenario getting robbed.

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