Things you should know when buying new office furniture

    Your office is your second home considering that you spend most of your days there. It should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to create a great working environment where you and your employees could be productive and feel comfortable. It also represents your company and people who come and go to transact in your office should get a holistic view of what your brand represents.

    If you are just setting up your business and you got a new office space, you will certainly buy office furniture to make your space functional. You might also be redecorating, or moving your office to a new building and you need new office furniture to complete the phase in your business journey.

    What to consider when buying new office furniture?


    The most important thing to consider when buying new office furniture is if you have the budget. How much is it? Set your budget and stick to it. Give priority to furniture that will be used the most or in need of immediate replacement. Consider how much money you are willing to spend per item. For example, how much is a regular office chair? How many employees need a new office chair? This way you can maximize your budget to buy all the necessary items for your office.

    Style and Functionality

    Once you have your budget settled you can now shop for style and functionality. A regular office chair might be the cheapest one, but since you have extra cash to spend on an upgrade, why don’t you buy ergonomic chairs to increase the comfort and productivity of your employees? You can also opt to buy according to your brand colors and style because your office represents your brand identity as well.

    Reasons to buy new office furniture

    To upgrade and improve your old office space

    Businesses that have been around for quite some time may find their office old and boring. This is not just about aesthetics but comfort and function as well. Your old office furniture may have loose screws, splinters, odd colors, and even odor. This is an immediate concern that must be addressed because it can hinder your employees’ productivity. Aside from that, your office space needs to be in tune with the changing times and be more equipped with the current technology to improve all aspects of your business.

    For your customers and clients

    Customers and clients who visit your office should feel that your business is strong and here to stay. Your office speaks so much to these customers and clients because the atmosphere is what will be immediately noticed once they get there. Since your office space is part of your brand or company identity, a fresh office space reassures your customers about the quality of work you do in your company and build their trust and confidence in your business. If they feel like they could be at home with your office, the more likely they will stay as a client.

    For your employees

    Your employees are what makes your business run and work smoothly. Give them the right treatment and environment and you will definitely see a better workflow. This applies to office furniture because most of your employees are stuck in their office chairs most of the day. Getting them a new and ergonomic chair will help them feel much better while working. It will show your care and concern for your employees and their health.

    For the Warranty

    Your old office furniture has spent the warranty due to them and new ones come with a new warranty too. Getting new office furniture assures you that you will not be spending more money on repairs and spend your time, energy, and money on other office concerns such as air conditioning, amenities, and more.

    For the tax reduction

    Small businesses will benefit from buying new office furniture because the total cost of your new furniture is tax-deductible. You do not just get new items but you also get more tax savings.

    What if you want to repurpose your old office furniture?

    Sure there are plenty of advantages to buying new office furniture buy there are reasons to repurpose your old ones too.

    Reasons to repurpose old office furniture

    You do not have enough budget

    Rather than buying new furniture on impulse and without considering if there is enough budget to cover all of your new furniture needs you should just repurpose old furniture and have it refurbished. It will save you more money upfront. This will also save you the mistake of having one part of your office improve and neglect the others. So if you do not have enough budget to replace everything then might as well save up until you could afford a full rehaul.

    It is more environment-friendly

    Repurposing your old furniture will help reduce waste and carbon footprint from buying new furniture. It is more sustainable and you will get to maximize the life of your old furniture rather than buying a new one.

    For health reasons

    Old furniture that was manufactured years ago tends to be more healthy because of the materials and chemicals used to manufacture them. Currently, most furniture is manufactured using volatile organic compounds that can be released into the air as the furniture is being used. This could slowly affect the health of your whole office.

    You can get LEED points

    LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is an acknowledgment your office could get by repurposing old office furniture. You will get credit for having office furniture that is sustainable and has lower volatile organic compounds. This is especially important if your company is closely working with environmentalists and clients who prefer environment-friendly companies.

    You can still restyle it

    Just because you are sticking with your old furniture does not mean you cannot get a new look for your office. Refurbishing the upholstery of your chairs and sofa will instantly perk up the look of your furniture and it increases comfortability too.

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