Meeting the Ladies and Making Dates Online—Successfully

    More often than not, men who attempt online dating complain that they don’t know how to actually strike up a conversation with a woman they met online, much less work up the courage to ask them out. Many of these men feel like they are being suave when they use some variation of a pickup line, but they find the results are less than positive, and when they are able to chat up a woman, they don’t know how to transition it to a date.

    Reader’s Question:

    Are there any suggestions that you can give me that will help me contact a woman on any given dating site? I’m looking for a sure fire blueprint of what to say because, although I generally don’t have any issues talking to women face to face, I’m just not that good at making conversation from a profile and a picture.

    Also, it is common knowledge that a woman’s screen name isn’t her real name. So should I learn her real name straight out of the gate, or let her reveal it at her own leisure?

    Oh, one more thing: Is there anything that I should be looking for when I exchange emails with these ladies? Is there any surefire signs that clearly indicates that she is interested in getting to know me?

    Our Advice:

    When we meet people the conventional way, we generally do it at a bar or a night club. This is fine and well for a brief interlude, but if you’re looking for a substantial and fulfilling relationship, you may want to avoid these places—they are dark, loud, too much free flowing alcohol and other questionable activities going on. Although you may have no problem meeting women in these sorts of situations, it makes it difficult to gauge the sincerity and honesty of the woman you are pursing. So, sad to say, you definitely need to hone your online dating skills if you want to possibly find a match.

    With that said, online dating isn’t going anywhere. You may be hoping that your dream girl will sit down next to you while on the subway to work, or that she will drop her papers at the copy machine and you can scoop them up for her, but life rarely works that way. But, before you join that dating site, you have to have a strict game plan ready.

    The name of the game is to get the girl to walk through that door with you following right behind her, even though the whole thing will start with you just sitting on your couch in your boxers at the moment. Your plan should be so elaborate, you already know what you will buy and what you’ll say.

    Getting the Date

    So, there you are, sitting at your keyboard, wondering what to say. Ladies almost always ask you what you’re looking for in a woman. This is your opportunity to craft an interesting ice breaker that lets her know you are fun, intelligent, and know what you want. You could say something like, “I’m looking for a someone who enjoys cheesy jokes and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. Let’s meet at [some coffee shop] and see if I can make you laugh.”

    You say you want a clear cut outline of what to say? It’s simple really. It all comes down to making her laugh. If you are able to get a positive response when you send her an initial message, you can turn that email into a flurry of platitudes, or you could use it as a way to tell her something funny and that you had plans on doing something exciting. In your second paragraph, you can ask her if she likes to do some sort of activity, whether it is traveling, dancing, cooking… Whatever. Also use this to mention that you don’t want to just exchange emails—you actually want to get to know her.

    It’s a date

    After exchanging a few emails, you can either ask for her phone number or ask her out for a 45 minute coffee date. When making plans for the date, give her your phone number and directions to the venue, as well as making sure there is plenty of parking available—women who get cold feet won’t hesitate to make an excuse to cancel.

    Internet dating is easy join online dating site —break the ice, exchange a few emails, and then ask for her phone number and a quick date to a coffee shop. While there is no way to gauge her interest over a few emails, you’ll be able to see how interested she is if she actually shows up to the date.

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