The secret of a greater sex life is an unstressed mind

8 Tips to spice up your sexual life

If you’re not satisfied with your sex life, or your partner isn’t interested anymore, then this article is for you.

Making love is an activity which isn’t just a physical task, but largely an act of your mind and emotions. The desire is kindled in the brain, and is fulfilled eventually by the body.

Even today, especially in India, there is a huge proportion of people who have a sex life, yet, unacquainted with the real pleasure. Once their brain desires love, they get it by the sexual means, but are not really capitalizing on gaining maximum out of it. The real reason behind this is the social stigma associated with sex, which has either kept most of the scientific knowledge from them, or filled their heads with completely wrong notions. It’s not a wonder that India has managed to generate a huge population, yet most people are sexually deprived.

In truth, it is supposed to give pleasure to both the partners and both of them should feel enough elation in the end. The ridiculous fact is that most women in India haven’t even experienced a single orgasm in their life, or even if they have, they aren’t aware of it.

Sex is certainly an important ingredient to a successful married life. It is directly related to a person’s mind which triggers either happiness or gloominess depending upon the result. A bad sexual life leads to distance between the couple and a stressful relationship.

The question is how we can get over the problem and find ourselves a better time in the bedroom? The secret lies in our heads. Since the act is directly related to our senses, it’s important we keep ourselves relaxed and open. Even a slight distraction or a negative thought during the course can ruin it entirely. If you’re worried about the failure, you’re certainly increasing your chances of failure. Sex works on the principle of excitement which can disappear even when your mind is abstracted for a moment.

Hence, to achieve a greater sexual life you must keep your mind tranquil and relaxed before and during the course. Only then you would be able to experience the extreme delight. Avoid depression, doubts, distractions, and focus completely on giving and taking the pleasure. In my opinion, if you can work hard to make a great life for yourself and your family, why can’t you work hard to make it enchanting too? After all happiness is the only wealth that is permanent, when everything else can vanish at any time. Thus, here are a few tips you can follow and spice up your sexual life:

  1. Don’t bring your work to your bed (whether physically or mentally). As soon as you step out of your office, no more thinking about it.
  2. Avoid sensitive discussion in your bedroom. Use some other time to sort them out with your partner.
  3. Take care of your diet as it facilitates good health. Better health means you’re content both physically and mentally.
  4. Also, keep your body fit through workouts or running. When you’re fit, not only you look better physically, you are worried less and your performance is improved, even in the bed.
  5. Avoid watching television in the bedroom. I’d say why keep a TV set in the bedroom at the first place. Also, no phones or laptops.
  6. Keep your heads empty of other things during the course. Only focus on your partner.
  7. Try new things from time to time. A different position, a new dress or a prop, an aphrodisiac food. However, avoid unsafe activities that you’re not sure about. For example, doing it in a bathroom can sometimes turnabout in the wrong direction, unless you’re not careful.
  8. It should be a two-way process. Both the partners should participate actively and both the partners should share the benefits equally too.
The secret of a greater sex life is an unstressed mind 3
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