6 things you need to travel in style

    It is hard to look smart and travel in style. Thanks to lack of sleep, crumpled clothes and several things you have to carry with you. Whether you’re travelling through a bus, train, plane or boat; the key to travelling in style is to minimize it to the basics. Choose the classics that are not only essential but will also give you a smart and chic look at the same time. Here are 6 essentials you will need to travel in style.

    1. Smart Suitcase

    A smart suitcase is a clever means in both senses of the word. It not only looks polished, but it can also charge your phone so you don’t have to struggle to locate a plug. You will no longer have to suffer even for a minute about the luggage-related issue during any part of your trip. It comes built-in with a lot of features like remote lock system, solar-powered batteries, GPS locators and USB ports to charge your devices. You don’t have to give up on the look of your suitcase for its competence. Durable materials and Sleek design makes it a stylish escort which is assured to last for years to come.

    2. Comfy Loafers

    No matter how many times you pack the suitcase, always pause when it gets to the shoes. Should I take clunky boots for hiking and trainers for active days? What about touring the cities in the fall or winter. Would I need another pair of trendier, cuter boots? What are the best shoes for lots of walking? The answer to this burning question; just opt for loafers. Classic loafers are just as comfortable as a pair of trainers, but they will also look more stylish and would go with anything you wear to travel in.

    3. Carry on ‘Bag’

    Instead of carrying gazillion little plastic bags onto the plane or anywhere you go, try taking a large bag on board with you. Totes or backpacks for travel serves as the best option in such instances. Both the bags not only give the means to carry all of the stuff together but also make a fashion statement. There are a lot of options and designs available out there in totes and backpacks for girls.

    4. Travel wallet

    There would be a lot to things to keep track of while your travelling like your boarding pass, ID, passport and baggage claim ticket, money and credit cards. The routine of searching the bag for a game of hide-and-seek is sure to get you tired and frustrated. If this seems familiar, then you will admit that having things organized for a stress-free commute is key. That’s why getting the classic travel wallet that can organize all of the travel essentials would be just as essential as picking out the right suitcase. Rather than keeping your important papers in a plastic wallet, hold it all in one place with a travel wallet.

    5. A blazer or A vest

    One thing that we can never get enough is clothes. While packing for travel one needs to be cautious about what they carry. But there are always questions like’ what if you have to go to a good event or a party? and there is a simple solution. Pack a blazer or a vest with you. Toss a blazer or a vest over a T-shirt and leggings and you will instantly look so much more put together and fashionable. Choose a lightweight material, which will work when you visit a hotter destination, too.

    6. Sunglasses

    A statement pair of sunglasses for women is a must-have when you are travelling. It instantly adds extra character to your look. Even if the forecast predicts rainfall, you have to take your glasses with you. Stylish glasses not only shield your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun, but they are also most effective in giving you an overall fashionable look. If you want to look good and feel good, wearing a stylish pair of shades might be just the thing for that. Picking the perfect pair of shades can often be tricky. Although, getting your hands on one of the top polarized sunglasses brands would be a great steal. Always choose the one that gives maximum protection from UV rays. An expensive pair will be a solid investment as it will be more durable and would stay longer.

    Next time when you travel somewhere, make sure you keep these 6 things with you and you’ll be good to go. Have a hassle-free experience and at the same time look stylish!

    Tejaswini Nagapuri
    Tejaswini Nagapuri
    Tejaswini Nagapuri is a Beauty and Lifestyle blogger. She has an expertise in writing blogs on beauty tips, DIY, home-decor and lifestyle niche. She has a knack to travel and explore new things and is an ardent observer of people.

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