A trip to Thailand: Must visit the place at least once in a lifetime

    Thailand or the Kingdom of Thailand, which rests on Southeast Asia with coasts on the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, is a place where heaven meets earth. Thailand is home to the most flocked beach of Asia that is Bangkok. From beautiful beaches, historical and archaeological sites to Thailand homes for rent, Thailand scores well on the radar of tourism. Thailand is mainly known for tourism and it is the topmost benefactors economically. The country is known for its great food, fantastic tropical climate, fascinating culture, blissful & majestic mountains, wonderful islands and innumerable wide stretched beaches that are breathtaking sights to the eyes. In simpler words, Thailand is a magnet that attracts travelers from all over the world.

    Let us divulge more into the details of why one must visit Thailand, at least once in their lifetime.


    The sole reason why the capital of Thailand is given so much importance is quite interesting and fulfilling. Bangkok is Thailand’s most frenetic and bustling place, famously known among the Thai people as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. About a million people reside here and a thousand more flocks the city as tourists almost every week. It is a modern city humming with the wild nightlife and fervor. Bangkok has turned into a national treasure house, with all the amazing things to do in Bangkok and also functions as Thailand’s spiritual, cultural, political, cultural, educational and diplomatic center for outsiders and insiders. Places such as the Siam Square, Phloen Chit Road, and Ratchaprasong are known for its glitzy malls and hotels. Whereas, Rattanakosin is a place for tourist to chill and have a good time without much commotion, known as Old Bangkok. It is best known for the wonderful sights such as the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Bangkok is also home to amusement parks the most famous being the Safari World.


    Thailand is known to be home to the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Let’s start with the Nai Harn beach. This beach is a quiet, tiny and less crowded beach as compared to other beaches. Nai Harn is among the best beaches in all of Thailand. It is famous for the Royal Phuket Yacht club and is a hot spot for travelers. The beach has an amazing line up of restaurants that provide authentic Thai dishes. The beach is also famous for some amazing beach massage parlors, which serves as a major attraction of Nai Harn. The second most famous beach in Thailand is the Kata Noi beach. It is known for its mesmerizing view. The beach is perfect for long walks as the sand is soft and sunsets along this beach are quite extraordinary to the eyes. Travelers who love sports can avail to Snorkeling and Surfing. Surfboards are rented out from the shops along the shore and there are trainers available for noobs (newcomers). There are many such wonderful beaches in Thailand that travelers will love.


    Beaches and islands go hand in hand. Thailand has a number of islands that are worth the visit if you are there. The calm sea and the clear surrounding add a sense of perfection to the traveler’s mind and soul. Kayaking in and around these islands is an experience to remember. By kayaking, a traveler can explore the islands without the mob of tourists or passenger ferries and boats causing any kind of commotion or discomfort to the traveler. Some great coastlines that are perfect for solo travelers are the Koh Phan Ngan Ko Tao and the Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand that deserve utmost appreciation.


    Thailand is a country that loves to make grand gestures whilst celebrating their festivals, native and international. These festivals are fun-filled and amazing for people from all parts of life. If you are visiting as a tourist during one of the festivals, you will have a firsthand experience of its amazing vibe. The water festival is known to be of great fun considering the hot climate of the place. It is the longest and biggest festival in Thailand. Songkran (water festival) is a three-day festival where people fight with water throughout the whole country. There is music, dancing, drinking and people drenching each other with water. It is not bounded by known people, the festival is so vast, even strangers, when drenched by water, do not take offense to it as it is a fun filled joyous festival. The next best festival in Thailand is the Ghost festival.

    In this festival, religion is combined with fun-filled parties with local handicrafts making a huge splash on the celebrators. People wear ghastly masks that are stretched faces with phallic noses. The origin of the festival dates back to the ancient times. It is a mixture of Buddhist beliefs and their animist counterpart. The concept behind this festival is to pay respect to the dead and the living. There are many places that recognize and celebrate this festival with aplomb like Dan Sai. It is the best place to attend the Ghost festival.


    If you are in Thailand then the following places are a must visit apart from Bangkok. A place like the Ayutthaya Historical Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is just an hour drive away from Bangkok. It is home to sacred shrines, chedis and Buddha statues. While you are there take a trip to the Elephant Nature Park. It is a rescue and rehabilitation center for elephants that are old, injured and abused.

    If you are a traveler looking for amazing beaches and scenic places, visiting Thailand is the best option. We can assure you that you shall not regret visiting Thailand. It hosts the best parties and is home to fun-filled festivals. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Thailand and spend an eternity there.

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