Making it happen – 5 ways to fund the trip of a lifetime

    If you open any of your social media feeds you will instantly find plenty of people you know in exotic locations. This isn’t something limited to the summer months either, these photos will be guaranteed to appear during any given month of the year. But while taking a vacation is something everyone dreams of, some people yearn for more.

    Amongst those photos in your feed, some of them aren’t necessarily traditional holiday snaps. Traveling abroad for six months, a full year, or sometimes longer is becoming increasingly popular. Almost everyone now knows someone who has done this and it’s no longer just students aiming to see the world.

    Live the dream


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    From experiencing life in different countries to achieving lifetime ambitions or devoting your time and energies to helping a worthy charity, there are many reasons which lead people to take extended trips overseas. Irrespective of the reason, there is one common problem which prevents many people from realizing their dreams. Funding.

    It’s true that you need money to facilitate such a move, however, you may not require as much money as you imagine. Depending upon what you where you want to go and what you want to achieve, a modest budget can be made to stretch a long way. While vacationing can be expensive, traveling can be relatively cheap, in fact, traveling in many countries across the world will probably work out cheaper than sustaining your regular lifestyle back home.

    Begin with a plan

    There’s no getting away from the main fact though. Traveling does cost money. There are, however, several approaches which can be taken to fund your adventure. The first thing you will need to do is know what it is you want to achieve and how much this is likely to cost.

    It’s important that you have a financial plan in place before you take your first steps towards an airport. While a holiday can be paid using loans, traveling requires a much more solid footing to support yourself. While it’s advised that you should take a credit card with you when you go, indeed, there are now several credit card options available for people with bad credit ratings, these should only be used in absolute emergencies and not relied upon to make your way around the globe.

    Rent your home

    For many people who travel, their biggest expense is often the financial commitments that they leave behind. It may not be practical for you to sell your worldly possessions but what you can do is put them in storage and rent out your home. The cost of storage is significantly cheaper than either the rent or mortgage from your house, while the extra income from renting your home can greatly help cover your costs.

    This is not something you should do without the landlord’s permission if you rent your home and it is advised that you have a family member or trusted friend who is able to help in case of any problems which occur when you are out of the country.

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    Take your work with you

    Travel Photography

    Another way to keep income rolling into your bank account is to keep working whilst you’re on the road. This can be through finding a job which allows remote working, working abroad (with a valid visa) or freelance work such as travel blogging or photography.

    Teaching English as a Foreign language

    Many countries across the world offer many opportunities to people who can teach the English language. You actually don’t need to speak any other languages yourself, as you can help improve a student’s speaking abilities rather than teaching them the basics. This can also prove an incredibly rewarding experience and is something you can gain a qualification in before you leave your home country. Doing this not only makes the job easier and more fulfilling, it will significantly increase your earning potential too.

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    Trading work for lodgings and food

    While some countries make it hard to obtain a work visa, you can be paid in other ways than just money. Swapping your skills for food and shelter is becoming an increasingly popular venture and there are now several organizations and charities which offer a range of opportunities which could fit the skills you have to offer.

    Frugal living

    Perhaps the most important thing you will need to learn is the art of living on a shoestring budget. You certainly won’t need to do this every step of the way but it’s a very useful skill to have. From taking buses instead of trains, sharing dormitories instead of booking into a four-star hotel, and shopping in supermarkets rather than restaurants, there are many life hacks which you can pick up that will stretch your budget much, much further than you imagine.

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