Where to backpack in the world for great fitness

    Before backpacking was born, we all believed travel is for the rich. Today, statistics show that there is a continuous rise in the number of people who travel domestically and internationally every year. Our thanks mainly go the introduction and widespread popularity of backpacking, making travel more independent and low-cost.

    Aside from the obvious, backpacking has many benefits not only to our wallet but our minds and bodies as well. With backpacking, you can enjoy the world while avoiding guilt over your gym promises. This is why many fitness aficionados start to backpack.

    The world is vast, and there are too many countries beaming with grand destinations and trails perfect for backpackers and fitness fans. Here is a compilation of the most popular ones.

    New Zealand

    No one can think of picturesque landscapes without mentioning New Zealand. The South Island of the country, which is divided by the Southern Alps, is a haven for nature and outdoors lover. Why not – it has over 500 trails you’ll never run out of one to hike. The Alps is greatly diversified with its temperate rainforests, beech forests, and vast fertile plains.

    The country’s North Island provides a warmer climate, volcanic activity, tropical coastlines, and rich cultures such as the Maori tribe. Although New Zealand has many beautiful trails, the most popular ones include the Te Araroa Trail, Milford Track, and Queen Charlotte Track.


    Dominated by glacial lakes and spectacular mountains, Canada offers adventurers a backpacking experience that will last a lifetime. The hiking trails in this country are diverse – from well-marked routes to rugged paths – and also cater to those who love to hike for multiple days.

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    The most impressive long-distance trail is the National Hiking Trail or Trans Canada Trail with approximately 10,000-kilometer pathway across the entire country. Another route that’s only for the wild and hard-core hikers is the Great Divide Trail, which stretches from the country’s north to south through the Canadian Rockies and closely shadows the Great Divide.


    As the third biggest country in the world, the United States of America surely has a lot to offer. Aside from its booming industry and manmade attractions, the US didn’t forget about nature and wilderness. There are 58 fantastic national parks in the country with thousands of trails that are accessible, well-organized, and provide the thrill, adventure, and workout backpackers seek.

    The US is known for long-distance trails; three of which is the renowned Triple Crown consisting of the Pacific Crest, Appalachian, and Continental Divide. Your eyes will feast on iconic landscapes such as the Grand Canyon, marvel at the spectacular Mount Denali in Alaska, and enjoy the beaches and volcanoes of Hawaii.


    When it comes to hiking and backpacking, Nepal will never lose out to other countries. Blessed with breathtaking mountains, hills, and plains, this country is paradise to adventure-seekers and fitness enthusiasts. Nepal is dominated by the Himalaya, the mountain range home to some of the highest peaks in the world.

    Some of the favorite trails are the Upper Mustang Trek following a route between Tibet and India, Ghorepani Poon hill trekking offering a less challenging hike, and the Great Himalaya Trail. If you’re not aware yet, Nepal is where you can find the south Everest Base Camp. Be prepared to admire the country’s high altitude mountains, diverse terrains, and death zone treks.


    Although the most iconic natural phenomenon that symbolizes Norway, the northern lights is not the country’s only draw. To many, Norway is the best European country for hiking. Why? Just look at the stunning scenery of massive glaciers, fjords, and snow-capped mountains, as well as the excellent implementation of laws that govern outdoor activities such as hiking. Some of the country’s best trails include Gaustatoppen, Besseggen and Galdhøpiggen, and the Trollheimen triangle.


    Another European country on the list is Switzerland, which is known for the Alps, particularly the Matterhorn. The country is a hiking haven with over 40,000 miles of trails waiting for backpackers and adventure-seekers. One thing that stands out is the presence of mountain railways that transport hikers to popular trail points. In summer, majestic scenery of tall mountains and greens is unveiled, while in winter, the trails become an excellent spot for skiing and snowboarding. Favorite trails include the Eiger Trail and Jaunbach gorge.

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    Backpacking can be stressful if you’re not prepared. Keeping a list of all the things you need and should bring is recommended to make sure everything goes as smoothly as you expected it to be. For long-distance hikers, shelter can be a worry. Some trails don’t have huts or lodges along the way, so it is necessary to bring your own tent or in cases of solo hikers, a bivy sack. A bivy sack is famous among hikers for its compact and lightweight nature. Choose the best bivy pack today for your hiking needs, and start a backpacking adventure to maintain fitness and unveil the world’s beauty.

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