Ten of the World’s Healthiest Cities

    Many factors, including the availability of healthcare, public fitness space and dietary choices, can determine whether a person may have a better quality of life, including the opportunity for better health, when they live in a specific city. After searching for healthy cities all over the world and comparing community healthcare options, green space for play and other factors, here are ten of the world’s healthiest to live in.

    Yonkers, New York USA

    When it comes to fitness minded people, Yonkers, New York residents tend to exercise more regularly than many areas of the U.S. They also have fewer smokers and drinkers and seem to make healthy eating choices. Yonkers has a wide array of public parks, walking trails throughout the local neighborhoods and residents have great access to local fitness studios, gyms and even dance classes for all ages. Jogging or running is a popular pastime in Yonkers and there are quite a few races and marathons held in the city each year. Healthcare is attainable with many clinics and area hospitals and the city has recycling programs for Styrofoam and other potentially environmentally unsafe materials.

    Rome, Italy

    The National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nationale) in Italy provides excellent healthcare coverage to all citizens of Italy and the Europe. Rome has more hospitals than any other city in Italy which makes healthcare very accessible to citizens. People also walk frequently throughout the city and the obesity rate in Rome is the lowest of any on the world.

    Honolulu, Hawaii USA

    Honolulu residents enjoy some of the most ideal living conditions in the world. Between an almost perfect climate to a wide array of heart healthy activities including swimming, hiking, surfing and other great outdoor sports and activities, and excellent access to healthcare as well as having a very low rate of uninsured people, this city is one of the best places to live for those who take part in healthy lifestyle choices.  The city has more than 60 local parks as well as walking trails and other fun areas for sports and keeping in shape.

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Switzerland is known for having hard work ethics as well as an outstanding educational system. What people may not realize is that Switzerland, particularly Zurich, is known for the outstanding stress they place on the medical field as well as on research to cure disease and keep people healthy. Since they have such a great deal of medical research and education in Zurich, there are many doctors to provide quality healthcare for its residents.

    Arlington, Virginia USA

    People living in Arlington seem to have a zest for life unlike many other major cities in America. In Arlington, you will find more people who enjoy regular exercise including walking, bicycling and spending time in the gym. The obesity rate in the city is less than 20% which is considerably lower than most cities in the U.S. You can find many fitness centers, yoga studios and studios for CrossFit and other physical fitness. The city hosts a large choice of restaurants that offer healthy meal choices including vegetarian dishes and middle eastern dishes. Many people carpool to and from work or school as well as take the monorail which has helped keep the atmosphere in Arlington clean enough to win an award for clean air from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2015.

    Cambridge, Massachusetts  USA

    Cambridge stays warm in the summer but can get cold during the winter but this doesn’t seem to deter people from walking to or from work and school or taking part on other physically challenging exercises and events year-round. The percentage of people who are obese as well as those who smoke is considerably less than most the U.S. and there is a high rate of people who are insured as well as a high ratio of doctors to residents which makes healthcare very accessible.

    Calgary, Canada

    Calgary has quite a few ways for people to stay in shape and these include snowboarding, skiing, luging and other sports in the winter as well as walking, bicycling and water skiing and other sports during the summer. It is a clean city and the air quality is exceptional.

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Auckland offers many fun things to do in the city including sailing, water skiing, swimming, walking or jogging and other outdoor activities as well as fitness centers and indoor areas for sports and physical fitness. The city has outstanding healthcare available for residents and most residents stay physically active daily.

    Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo has been listed as the second healthiest city in the world and this is partially thanks to the excellent transportation system in the city, the transit bus, which produces low levels of gas emissions and helps keep the air clean. People have strong ties with their families in Tokyo and there is universal healthcare for all which helps lower the risk of infant mortality and helps to keep disease and illness down among residents.

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen has been listed as the healthiest place in the world and there are many reasons why this great city has that title. First, people are happy and rightfully so. Seldom ever will you find anyone who works more than 40 hours each week and this means that people have plenty of free-time to spend with family, enjoy nature and essentially have a relaxed lifestyle. People in Copenhagen tend to walk or ride a bicycle to the places they go and there are many walking trails as well as public space for fitness and sports. There is also exceptional healthcare available for all residents.

    Whether you live in one of the healthiest cities in the world, have considered hiring overseas movers to move your car and other home goods or you are satisfied with the city you live in now, working hard to stay fit and healthy is something that needs to be taken care of no matter where you live to help ensure life that is healthy and happy so you will be here for years to come.

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