Your guide to staying in shape during a hen weekend

    While hen weekends are all fun and games and a welcome change from the stress of wedding planning, it is also during this period that you lose yourself in the moment without a care in the world. So after days of food binges, alcohol galore and poor sleep hours, when you come back to the city and go out to pick your dress, your worst nightmare comes alive- the dress doesn’t fit!

    To save yourself from this added stress, here is a guide to help you stay in shape during your hen weekend. So you can enjoy your girl time with no guilt trips and and your dress still fits.

    1. Guilt free indulgence

    Breakfast on bed

    Kick start your mornings with a yummy breakfast. No I am not talking about a green juice or smoothie with toasted bread. Dig into a plate of avocado toast sprinkled with the right seasonings and some devilled eggs or soft boiled eggs, or feast on a stack of the classic buttermilk pancakes with a glass of orange juice. If you are in an exotic town, try some local cuisine, but keep it light.

    2. Stroll through the city

    Happy girl with a balloon

    Start your day with a hike up a hill with your girlfriends. If a hike seems too daunting a task early in the morning on what is supposed to be a fun weekend, go on a morning walk. It not only sets an active tone for the day while burning off the calories from that fancy dinner last night, it is also a good opportunity to explore the city and towns and mingle with locals. Does that give you motivation enough?

    3. Adventure sports

    Your guide to staying in shape during a hen weekend 3

    Nothing will help you get your fit on a holiday quite like adventure sports will. The bonus is you don’t have to go out of your way or schedule for this activity. They may as well be a part of your hen weekend. Swimming in the blue waters is the best cardio you need to stay in shape. Alternatively, if you are paddleboarding, stand upright and you get a great workout. If land adventures are more of your forte, try a game of volleyball by the beach or go hiking or trekking up the trails.

    4. Pamper yourself


    What you feel inside is what reflects on the outside. If you are too stressed and tensed with the wedding planning or crafting the daily hen itinerary, not only will it show on your face but will also lead to excessive food binges. Loosen up all those tense muscles and kiss goodbye to the stress at a luxurious spa resort. Opt for a deep massage treatment or aromatherapy to unwind. Step into the sauna and feel the calm. After the hours of pampering, you can dive in a Jacuzzi with your girlfriends sipping cucumber water and chat about everything under the sun.

    5. Dance the night away

    Whoever thought you could get dolled up and hit a bar, swaying to the rhythm of the blaring music and be losing so many calories at the same time!

    That’s right. If all else fails you, do what girls do on a hen weekend- dance the night away. Dancing is the best full body workout. It not only helps keep you in shape but also ensures your heart stays healthy. So hit the dance floor with your girlfriends and lose yourself to the sound of music.

    6. Choose the right alcohol

    While alcohol is a key element of any hen weekend or stag party, it is essential to know that every glass of the wrong drink is making you gain pounds with every sip. That doesn’t mean you have to trade your booze for soda (which also causes bloating). Choose the right drink for yourself.

    If you are a wine girl, trade your red for a white wine. White wine is said to have fewer carbohydrates than red wine; the little difference goes a long way in how it affects your body.

    If beer is your poison, go for light beers. However, if hard liquor is what takes you there, shots are the way to go. So now you have an excuse to down those tequila shots at the bar.

    But regardless of what you drink, make sure you drink responsibly. A hen weekend spent hungover definitely sounds like a bummer.


    While the thought of staying in shape during one of the best weekends of your single life dampens the party spirit, giving it a thought is essential if you don’t want to rush to the seamstress to have the last minute dress alterations done. You want to look happy, active and emanate that wedding glow on your big day as you walk down the aisle in your dress. So enjoy your hen weekend, but just add a few precautions here and there to stay in shape throughout.

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