3 Top Tips To Enhance Your Facial Features

    Wearing makeup or trying out new beauty ideas can make you look, and feel, fabulous. However, it’s difficult to know what products to buy and which trends to follow. Where do you start?  Enhancing your facial features to give you a gorgeous look can be done in a few ways. Follow my top three tips for a defined look that will highlight your face in a natural way.

    Style Your Eyebrows To Suit You

    The world seems to be telling us that we need to have big bold eyebrows right now. There is no doubt that Cara Delevingne looks great with her eyebrows above her stunning green eyes. However, for the rest of us, it might not look quite the same.

    The shape of your eyebrows can make a huge difference to your look. Everybody’s face is different in terms of size and features, so how do you go about finding the right eyebrow shape for you? Luckily, someone can do that for you! Here in Essex, we call it our Bibi Brows eyebrow training course. The aim is to find the perfect eyebrow shape, style, and colour for you and your face. After a beauty training course, your eyebrow specialist will be able to suggest the best eyebrow look for you based on face diagnosis (sounds very technical!). Check out your local beauty therapist to see if they offer this treatment.

    Wear Eyelash Extensions For Stand Out Lashes

    Our eyelash extension course in Essex is becoming increasingly popular as the demand for this treatment grows. Eyelash extensions are attached with a special glue to your natural lashes, giving them a bolder look. One of the main benefits of eyelash extensions is having a consistent look every day, without spending time applying mascara or fake eyelashes. Although some maintenance is needed to take care of them, they offer a better looking alternative to the daily routine many of us have.

    Make sure you go to a beautician who has been on a beauty training course and has the qualifications to perform the treatment. You can discuss the style and length of eyelashes you want and learn how to take care of them. Get all of your questions answered before you invest in eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions can really make a big difference to your face, even with minimal makeup they can make your eyes stand out.

    Highlight Those Cheekbones With A Natural Tone

    Subtly enhancing your cheekbones is a sure way to make a difference to your face. The important thing to remember is making it minimalistic. You’ll first need to choose the colour or tone of blusher, find a colour you like and which you think compliments your skin. Although defining your cheekbones can be done with multiple colours and blush, you can keep it simple with just one colour and product. A darker bronzer is a good option as this can create a shadow effect, showing that you have well-structured cheekbones.

    Make a fish face in the mirror and find where the skin sucks in. This is where the colour needs to be put. Using either your finger or a brush, gently smooth the colour across your cheek. Practise a few times to get the look you want, starting with a small amount and adding more if you want more colour.

    Remember to try out different looks and find one which you feel comfortable with. Feel confident and this will make your beauty radiate!

    Clare Weyers
    Clare Weyers
    Clare Weyers owns Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Essex. Elite offer a whole host of different beauty training courses, from eyelash extensions to holistic massage therapy. Clare loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

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