4 Ways To Forever Look Young

Once the golden 30s are approaching, you learn the secret – wrinkles are not for grannies. You need to prepare your skin for days to come. Wrinkles happen to the glorious, gorgeous creatures like yourself, as well. Admittedly, those smiling lines are charming, but, somehow, they are charming on everybody else, but your own reflection in the mirror. Therefore, try some tricks to prevent your face being hijacked by these cruel age-emphasizing lines.

1Maintaining Strict Skin Care Regimen


No cheating here! You need to wash your face twice a day, but not more than that. All those natural oils that your skin produces keep it protected and that is what you need. Healthy and protected skin does not crack and crease – and that is how those wrinkles are made. Figure out what type of skin you have and then figure out the regime that works the best. Your skin will tell you if you are doing something wrong. It will definitely act out by growing a huge zit if your products annoy it. So, do not go wild experimenting, but monitor the reactions closely.

2Avoiding the Sun

Girl in sunglasses

Yes, you probably look better when you are tanned, but it is just not worth it. The sun absolutely demolishes your skin and wrinkles simply blossom when you expose yourself to sun for too long. Also, you need some serious sunblock if you cannot avoid this exposure. You need a ton of it! As for the indoor tanning, let us not waste words here – just do not do it. Ever.

3Turning Your Body into a Wrinkle Fighting System


Drink a lot of water. Eat stuff like salmon, olives, vitamin C packed fruits and veggies. Drop those cigarettes and exercise regularly. Vitamins and antioxidants will keep your skin healthy by providing the nutrients and demolishing free-radicals. Exercise will boost the blood flow and that helps your skin in its regeneration process. Cigarettes make your skin dry and dull, which increases the canyon-like wrinkles. They also make you stink. So, no plus side for those.

4Saving what Can Be Saved

If we are being completely honest, sooner or later, everybody ends up at the doctors, if they are serious about ironing out those wrinkles. Fractional laser treatment at Meda Esthetics medical practice will definitely do the trick.  People say, actually they whisper, that they are crazy effective, as they relax the muscles, so the skin absolutely disappear. You can do all sorts of stuff to prevent wrinkles, but truth be told, this is the only way that actually removes them.

It is not uncommon for ladies to claim to care about their skin, only to find that they have all the products, but they do not use them so religiously. People say that it takes about 66 days to make something your habit. So, start today with a good regimen and keep it up for 66 days. After that, you will not even notice that you are doing it all the time and your face will definitely be grateful for your new habit.