7 Amazing benefits of coffee for your skin and hair

    Drinking coffee has a been a part of people’s daily routine. Coffee is best known for making working days possible. It’s a morning energizer, and it’s capable of boosting your mood. But, the effects of coffee on the body doesn’t limit to that. Coffee also has a substance that is beneficial for health and beauty.

    Coffee has a lot of benefits, including the enhancement or hair, skin, eyes, and many more.  This antioxidant-packed multitasker helps your brain to feel alert and refreshed. Also, while it helps your mind, it can also improve your skin and beauty. Here’s how you can apply coffee as your natural beauty remedy.

    Beneficial antioxidant

    A pack of coffee has a powerful antioxidant punch that’s good for the health and skin. Antioxidants have characteristics that fight premature ageing of the skin. The flavonoid, coffee’s antioxidant power, is a compound the helps the skin look fresh and healthy.

    The atmosphere today is full of damaging free radicals like pollution and heat. These radicals could destroy your skin if you have a low content of antioxidants in your body. On the other hand, coffee bean extracts also have free-radical properties that are essential for skin cell energy preservation.

    Natural exfoliator

    The characteristics of coffee, or its texture, is not like other beauty scrubs. Coffees that are in its raw form or freshly roasted style is a fantastic natural exfoliate. Exfoliation means the removal of dead and dried skin in your body, and somewhat coffee is a natural exfoliator due to its healthy antioxidant nutrient.

    Coffee is a powerful exfoliator. It isn’t like the other skin care products. Coffee encourages skin rejuvenation and also, some coffee products produce oil that will replace any lost moisture from your body, keeping your skin smooth and healthy.

    Hair benefits

    Hair Care
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    Coffee doesn’t just make the skin healthy but, it also helps stimulate hair growth. Make use of brewed coffee grounds and create a follicle facial. Apply the coffee grounds in your hair for sixty seconds and rinse it with cold water. Lastly, finish it with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

    Using brewed coffee grounds will make your hair shinier, and you’ll eventually notice an increase in your hair growth. You can also use coffee to boost your hair colour, especially for brunettes. Using espresso, mixed coffee grounds with a little bit of water until it turns into a paste. Then, apply it to your hair like you’re dyeing. Finish it by rinsing in a bowl of water.

    Brightens the face


    Coffee may either be a scrub, a facial, or a beverage. Using coffee as a facial scrub can improve your skin. It helps your skin prevent clogged pores and soften lines. Coffee has an acid that gives you chemical exfoliation, which also helps brighten your skin.

    The acid provides chemical and mechanical exfoliation which strengthens the protective barrier of the skin. Therefore, it protects your skin from bacterias and viruses.

    Coffee stimulates blood flow

    Coffee is a good starter for your day. You know that coffee will help you relax and energize. But, when you apply a coffee scrub unto your skin in a circular massage motion, it will stimulate blood flow, which helps decrease the chance of having stretch marks and acne.

    Like hot water to a coffee, when you take a bath in a hot shower with a coffee scrub, your pores will open, which absorbs the caffeine through hair follicles.

    Caffeine repairs UV damage

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    Caffeine has antioxidant that’s considered as the strongest among other antioxidants. Studies revealed that caffeine could heal the damage caused by UV rays in the skin. Caffeine is one of the best and most potent antioxidants that fight UV damage.

    UV rays are dangerous to your skin especially if it’s too hot. It may even lead to life-threatening skin diseases. Using caffeine, you can protect your skin against UV carcinogens.

    Treats puffy eyes

    Consuming coffee improves blood flow and increases blood circulation. Because coffee is high in antioxidants, it shrinks blood vessels and reduces eye puffiness. One trick for this is to make a cup of coffee, after drinking your coffee, apply the leftover below the eyes and eyelid and rinse it off with cold water when finished.


    Coffees, indeed, has a lot of benefits. Not only does it do wonders to your health but also with your physical appearance. The best characteristic of coffee is that it is natural. Like green tea facial, a lot of natural beauty products are becoming trendy nowadays. So, start grabbing a cup of coffee and appreciate its health and beauty benefits.

    Caleigh Martin
    Caleigh Martin
    Caleigh Martin is a full-time student and a food enthusiast. She loves to cook during her free time and likes to read magazines about food and healthy lifestyle. She also has interests in travelling and writing.

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