Be a Great And Beautiful Mom

Styling Tips for Mothers

Once upon a time, you were single and could spend all that you earned on yourself. That was the time you owned a closet with so many popular brands and the best of everything. As the time passed, a lot of things have changed, about you as well as your closet. You have a family budget to manage and take care of all the requirements of your little one due to which you have to limit the amount you spent on yourself and your family is worthy of such a sacrifice. But even if you have limited funds, you can stay stylish and be a wonderful mom.
Let us have a look at what all is in your hands to be a great mom.

A manageable haircut

Whenever you have your next salon appointment, ask your stylist to give you a cut which is easily manageable and does not require much styling like straightening or curling, to look good. This means, it should make you look pretty the way it is naturally. Select the perfect length and the cut, which suits your face and make you look presentable always.

Caring for hands and feet at home

A regular manicure and pedicure sometimes feel too expensive when on a tight budget. So, you can care for your hands and feet at home, to keep them soft and beautiful, without even going to the salon and splurging your hard earned money. Avoid walking bare feet in your home and always try to wear socks to protect your feet from tanning and all the other chores of the house. Use vaseline on your feet before going to bed. But a good cuticle cream for your nails to keep them healthy and make sure you moisturize your hands regularly.

Be selective about your wardrobe

Don’t go for the quantity, instead select quality. Choose a style that suits you, and stick to it. You may go for simple and elegant dresses, which are easy to carry or a casual t-shirt, jeans look which make you look younger than your age. Keep your dressing understated for a classy look.


Whenever you plan to go out, a few inexpensive accessories can instantly complete your look. You can wear a classy neckpiece or danglers with your not-too-showy dress and still look perfect for the evening. If you are not a great fan of wearing jewellery, then you can carry designer clutches for women, and still end up looking stylish in the most subtle dress. Pick a piece which suits your budget and your style and never fail in the fashion race.

Never forget Make up

You may not get enough time to experiment with the lipstick shades and the beauty creams, so you don’t need to focus on every single bit. Just fix a shade or two of  lipstick, a BB cream and a mascara and do not go on experimenting everything in the market. Know what suits you and stick to it in your daily routine. It will make you look fresh and always presentable.

These are some basic things you can take care of in your daily routine. These won’t consume much of your time and funds, but will enable you to keep your best foot forward every time. Be a mom, your children boast of in front of their friends.