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    What is hair mesotherapy, and how does it work?

    Mesotherapy is a non-surgical hair treatment that can help restore thinning hair while making it shinier and denser. It’s a painless procedure for treating hair loss, cancer, and other hair problems. It uses injections to supply nutrients directly to the hair roots. It employs a combination of specific shampoos and conditioners to treat the health of your hair on a topical level.

    Essential elements and advantages of mesotherapy treatment:

    • Mesotherapy treatment is a non-surgical alternative for hair regrowth.

    • Mesotherapy is a process that boosts vitamin levels in the scalp while also boosting blood flow for hair regrowth.

    • It addresses bald spots and activates follicles to promote hair growth in both men and women.

    • Because an injection gun is used to inject the vial, Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss takes about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the extent of baldness or thinning hairs.

    • Mesotherapy is beneficial for hair loss because it inhibits the DHT hormone and promotes hair regrowth.

    • Mesotherapy treatment requires 5 sessions for best visible effects.

    • Mesotherapy professionals at Advance Clinic will organize your appointments and assess the number of sessions required for hair loss treatment.

    • Hair experts estimate that Mesotherapy treatment has a 92% to 90% success rate.

    • Because of the active blood circulation, mesotherapy causes your hair follicles to develop faster and survive for a more extended period.

    Why should you seek hair mesotherapy at Reniu Clinic?

    • Reniu Clinic’s founder, Dr. Manas S N, is a Mysore-based hair transplant surgeon.

    • In less than five years, he has performed over 1000 hair transplants. He has offered excellent results to the patients as a result of his skills.

    • At Reniu Clinic, we provide the best Mesotherapy Hair Treatment in Mysore to meet your thick and shiny hair aspirations.

    • Our well-trained and experienced hair professionals can perform various hair restoration operations to help you grow your hair and enhance your confidence.

    • We provide hair loss and hair restoration treatment that is both effective and affordable. While doing hair mesotherapy treatment, we assure that our clients are completely safe.

    At Reniu Clinic, how does hair mesotherapy work?

    • Hair mesotherapy is performed at Reniu Clinic under the supervision of skilled and competent personnel.

    • The Reniu Clinic’s experts have a lot of experience with hair mesotherapy and other hair care procedures.

    • The combinations utilized in this procedure are produced and planned precisely for each person.

    • A solution of minoxidil, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and the herbal extract is injected into the damaged mesoderm layer of the scalp by our expert.

    • The nutrients in the solution promote hair regrowth by improving blood circulation and increasing collagen production, which helps to prevent hair loss.

    • Depending on the condition and hair loss, mesotherapy is performed every 10-15 days.

    What are the advantages of hair mesotherapy?

    • Hair Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, quicker, and less expensive method of hair growth.

    • It improves hair quality, lowers hair loss, and promotes the growth of new hair follicles.

    • It also promotes tissue regeneration, which has a direct influence on hair follicles, as well as stimulating hair growth and reducing inflammation.

    • This therapy brings skin cells closer together, making blotchy hair spots less noticeable.

    • It tightens the skin, making the hair’s scalp appear fuller.

    If someone in Mysore needs mesotherapy to treat hair loss, they can come to our Reniu Clinic and be treated by one of our hair loss specialists. We’ll set up a meeting with one of our hair loss specialists.

    Questions that are frequently asked:

    • Who isn’t a good candidate for hair mesotherapy?

    Suppose you are pregnant or nursing, are on anticoagulants, are allergic to the drugs used in mesotherapy or have heart, liver, renal, or pancreatic illness or have an abrasion or infection in the area that needs therapy. In that case, you should not consider hair mesotherapy.

    • Is hair mesotherapy a painful procedure?

    It is a painless hair restoration procedure when performed by a skilled hair professional.

    • When do the results of hair mesotherapy become apparent?

    The outcomes of hair mesotherapy treatment may differ from person to person. After two to three months of therapy, the results are usually noticeable.

    • Is there any specific maintenance required after mesotherapy?

    Hair mesotherapy could reduce the need for more costly and intrusive hair restoration procedures. However, it would help if you ate a nutritious diet and exercised as directed by your doctor for best results.

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