5 Tips for Anti-aging to turn back the Clock

It is possible to turn back the clock in matters relating to aging. You have to active and determined in this journey since without dedication you cannot get pleasing results. Aging can be easily noticed through the skin hence you have to work on it to maintain a youthful look. The other part that shows aging is the development of grey hair and feeble bones and joints. Aging is a blessing but you do not have to let the physical changes ruin your looks you have to work on them.

The following are 5 Tips for Anti – aging to turn back the Clock

1. Take large amounts of water

This is because water helps in hydrating the skin and prevents formation of wrinkle. Many people find it hard to keep on drinking pure tasteless water. All you need is to add some lemon juice squeezed from fresh lemon to your water. This gives a great taste which motivates one to keep on drinking water. Other fluids such as fresh juices also represent water thus maintaining a beautiful hydrated skin free from wrinkles.

2. Exercise

Perform exercises this involves going to the gym regularly which will prevent your bones and joints from becoming feeble. If you cannot afford the gym regular jogging either in the morning or the evening makes your muscles and joints remain strong. There are other activities such as playing soccer, hand ball, table tennis among others helps in building your muscles and make them strong.

3. Use carrot and potato pack

The carrot contain vitamin A which helps in boosting the skin tone giving the skin a brighter and tighter skin. Both the potato and the carrot has ant-aging component that clears all the wrinkles and any fine lines  forming .You are supposed to boil both the potato and the carrot then after they cook you mash them together in a clean bowl. You have to add baking soda and some turmeric then apply the paste on the wrinkled skin. Allow the paste to react for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with warm clean water.  At the end you will be celebrating a gorgeous smooth, wrinkle free and youthful skin.

4. Use dye for the Grey hair

You need to go to a specialist who have the knowledge of the right dye for your hair. A specialist cannot over apply the dye hence gives your hair an even color that is not exaggerated as others do. You can opt to shave your hair completely and make it a lifestyle in order to avoid the visibility of the Grey hair.

5. Use Rose water pack

It is capable of improving skin hydration level and reduce thread veins causing wrinkles and uneven dull skin tone. It is capable of keeping the eyelashes dry preventing them from being always looking watery which is a sign of aging. To create a rose water pack you need the rose water generated from mashed rose flower, add some of lemon juice squeezed from fresh lemon and some glycerin oil then make a paste. Ensure that your face is clean then apply the paste using a cotton wool and wait for 30 minutes. Rinse with clean warm water then apply a moisturizer or one of the best wrinkle creams. The end results after practicing for one week are amazing.


A beautiful skin gives one confidence and increases self-esteem .Being old is not a mistake but you can still enjoy the old age as it gracefully takes place in your body. Let the old age be symbolized by the number of years but not your physical looks. It is possible to be over 50 years while you still look like a 20 year old person which gives a great feeling. It motivates you to work harder in order to achieve all your goals without distraction that you look old. By following the above tips you are able to turn back the clock by simply looking younger than your age dictates.