Top 7 Fat Burning Workouts You Can Do At Home

    Sometimes we might be faced with a tight schedule to find no time for gym. Without a proper backup workout plan, you might do a lot of damage to your health during those days. Though, worry not, here are top seven fat burning workouts that you can do whenever you want, without having to go to gym.

    Top 7 Fat Burning Workouts


    Group of friends joggingRunning can burn up to 374 calories within 30 minutes. People who are devoted runners are usually slim for no reason. Running involves some of the largest muscles involved in fat burning like the legs, butts and core. To make the best out of your running you must swing your arms closest to the body, keep the feet lowest to the ground and do not bend forward. Also, you can minimize the impact by landing on the ground with the middle of foot and then roll to the toes.

    You can improve efficiency by altering between slow and fast intervals. Running uphill is even better. Avoid running downhill.

    Rope skipping

    Rope Skipping, Jumping, Best Fat Burning Workout

    Rope skipping can burn almost as much fat as running. In fact, it’s the favorite workout of most professional sportsmen. To maximize results find a rope with handles reaching just enough under your armpits when standing on the middle of the rope. Keep your body upright and jump with your legs little apart. Keep the jumps as low to the ground as possible. You can do the workout with same benefits even without a rope, just fake like you have one in your hands.

    You may switch between speeds and style for better results.

    Hula hooping

    Hula Hoop
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    Hula hooping can burn up to 300 calories in half an hour. You can buy an adult-sized hoop which is heavier and bigger than kid’s hoops. To measure the right size keep the hoop upright in front of you, it should reach up to your chest. Just keep it spinning about your waist.

    To begin you must stand with one foot ahead of the other. Move yourself back and forth rather than going in a circle. In the beginning you might not get it right, but worry not, you’ll still loose good amount of calories and it will get better with time.


    TennisPlaying tennis can burn up to 272 calories in half an hour. Well, if you’re wondering why it’s included in the workouts that can be done at home, you don’t really have to go to a court or even find a partner to play with. You can simply play by yourself on a flat area against a wall. Alternate between backhand and forehand strokes. Count how many you’re able to do in a row. Keep a distance of 10-25 feet between you and wall. That’ll force you to hit harder. Moreover, if you only practice serves even that would notch up your workout as you’ll need to run to the ball and bend while picking it. Set a goal for about consistently hitting 50-100 strokes. With a goal in mind you’re most likely to work harder.


    Aerobics Cardio Workout

    Dancing can burn up to 221 calories within half an hour. Though not the most efficient workout, it’s certainly the most fun. Choose music with high tempo like Bollywood or Latin to keep the dancing speed to the maximum. However, begin and end with slower tempos to warm up and cool down your body.

    Brisk Walking

    Brisk Walking

    Not high on the workout list, it can burn about 170 calories in half an hour. Keep in mind that a lazy stroll won’t do it. Your speed should be brisk enough to make you sweat. To maximize results take quicker shorter steps, keep your torso straight and swing your arms back and forth. Land with your heel and roll on to the toes.

    You can notch up the results by alternating between two minutes brisk walking and one minute of maximum speed you can get while walking or simply jog.

    Inline skating


    Skating is the best fat-burning workout at home. It can burn up to 425 calories in half an hour. The side to side movements of the butts and thigh muscles burn good amount of calories. Also the core is involved too in keeping the balance. The best thing about skating is that you don’t put much strain on your knees or other joints. Skate at strong and steady pace. Alternate between a minute of hard skating and a minute of medium paced strokes. Don’t forget to wear helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards.

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