Eating For Beauty: The Best Diet For Healthy, Clear Skin

    All those fancy skincare and high-end makeup products but still you don’t get that perfect celebrity glow on your face? It’s the high time you start focusing on your diet in order to get the healthy skin you ever wanted.

    There is a whole lot science behind the fact that ‘what you eat, shows up on your face’ and that’s the reason depriving of yourself from any particular nutrient might have an effect on your skin as it would have on your general health.

    How Does A Healthy Diet Affect Your Skin?

    Have you wondered, why following day and night time skincare routines still can’t stop you from breaking out? In most of the cases, it’s your insides.

    A nutrient-rich diet does wonders for your whole body including ‘the skin’ as well. But How? When you eat something, it’s broken down into nutrients i.e. proteins, carbohydrates and fats to eventually reach to your skin and supply the respective benefits.

    But Wait…

    You can’t just drink a green juice once and expect some miracles out of it, it’s similar to going 2 days for a gym and spending your whole day in front of the mirror finding abs.

    As mentioned above, the skin is supplied with what you eat but remember skin does not have precedence in the human body. Other organs absorb the nutrients first and pass over the rest to the next one in the precedence list.

    What To Eat?

    All the nutrient-rich foods are complementing to your skin but few of them might boost up your skin a little more than rest.

    To get healthy glowing skin, you should incorporate a sufficient amount of following things in your diet.


    Antioxidants work like a miracle to your skin. They protect you from the effects of free radicals that might have adverse effects on your body as well as your skin.

    Particularly for the skin:

    • Antioxidants correct signs of aging.
    • Antioxidants brighten skin tone.
    • Antioxidants avert sunburn.
    • Antioxidants repair skin.
    • Antioxidants prevent skin cancer.

    To incorporate the high level of antioxidants in your diet, all kinds of berries such as blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, and raspberries can be the key to the glowing skin.

    Along with the berries, vegetables including spinach, beets, and kale are also enriched with antioxidants.

    Healthy Fats

    This might sound weird, and might make you think about a lot of weight gain but trust us healthy fats make a lot of difference to your skin.

    Fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are essential for good skin.

    • Healthy fats moisturize skin from within.
    • Healthy fats improve elasticity.
    • Healthy fats make skin nourished.

    Avocados are a good source of healthy fats as it is rich in water and vitamin E to provide soft and wrinkle-free skin.

    Salmon, nuts, and seeds also provide a high amount of healthy fats essential for your skin.

    Vitamin E

    If you might happen to see ingredient list of your skincare products, one of the widely used things you’ll find is Vitamin E and we don’t have any doubts on that. We would suggest supplying enough vitamin e to your intake as you do it for external use.

    • Vitamin E improves wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Vitamin E soothes and hydrates the skin.
    • Vitamin E absorbs UVB light protecting from sunburn.

    A dosage of 15 mg Vitamin E is required daily and this can be achieved easily with following healthy food items.

    • Vegetable oils such as canola and sunflower oil
    • Green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach
    • Red bell peppers
    • Citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit
    • Peanuts and almonds

    Vitamin A

    The active forms of vitamin A such as retinol and retinal are proven to make your skin look its best.

    • Vitamin A improves dryness and flakiness.
    • Vitamin A boosts skin cell production.
    • Vitamin A reduces wrinkles and brown spots.

    Vitamin A can be found in many fruits and vegetables such as carrots, oranges, eggs, and low-dairy foods.

    So don’t wait and grab a juice of fresh carrots to rejuvenate your skin.

    Green Tea

    You might think taking green tea is good for the weight loss challenges, we don’t disagree with that but it also aids a glowing clean skin.

    Due to its vast beneficial properties, green tea helps the skin in the following ways:

    • Green tea prevents acne and breakouts.
    • Green tea reduces redness and itching related to the skin.
    • Green tea helps to unclog pores.
    • Green tea aids collagen levels essential for skin.
    • Green tea also reduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes.


    As the body cells are made up of water, our body has a continuous need for hydration to function.

    Similarly, skin being part of the body it also needs a sufficient amount of water to look healthy and clear.

    • Water clears and purifies the skin.
    • Drinking 6-8 glasses of water removes toxins from the body as well as skin.
    • Water hydrates and moisturized skin.
    • Water can improve signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

    Tips and Tricks

    This all might sound overwhelming at first, but healthy eating can soon become a habit and lifestyle if done consistently.

    Here are a few tips to get started with:

    • As the consumption of water is done pretty quickly by the body, always keep a water bottle in your bag to make keep your skin hydrated.
    • If you have a tough schedule or you are too lazy, try taking green juices or fresh smoothies in your diet.
    • Dairy intake can cause acne to some people if your skin is breaking out, monitor your dairy intake.
    • Try eating home delivered nutrient-rich diets such as ActivEats nutrient rich designed meals to complete the daily dosage of essential vitamins necessary for your skin.


    By now, you must be well equipped with everything essential in a diet that affects your skin, and who doesn’t want a clear skin with no pimples or pores? Infuse these necessary food items in your diet and pave your way towards a clearer stomach and eventually, a clearer face.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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