New skincare trends to add to your 2019 beauty routine

    “I wouldn’t mind spending a little more time and effort and money on good skincare. And I’m sure they’ll come out with, as they are doing, with more and more treatments that are noninvasive and healthy ways to keep your face looking as good as it can.”

    -Catherine O’Hara, Canadian Actress and Writer

    Maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your skin is by far, one of the main priorities of most woman as long as beauty is concerned. While 2018 gave us a lot of considerable milestones in the world of the fashion industry, there are still some new things that you need to learn this year.

    We all know how difficult it could be – sticking on your daily routine only to be met with tons of new trends that you might want to try. But it seems like the 2019’s going to be a different year based on some dermatologist. It’s now finally the time to take a step back as many of skincare trends today are going to be much more traditional as opposed to the expected emergence of additional skincare products and brands.

    More Emphasis on the Body

    If you will try to ask a group of women about skincare, the first thing that might come to their minds is taking care of their faces. However, this is not going to be the same case this year. 2019 will give more focus on skin treatments that can augment the look of the body. There is currently a sudden increase in the number of invasive and non-invasive medical methods that can be considered as viable alternatives to plastic surgery. One of these methods is called Cool Sculpting, which steadily gains some popularity.

    Cool Sculpting, also known as cryolipolysis refers to a fat removal technique aimed to remove certain parts of body fat. This method can freeze targeted fat cells throughout the body.

    If freezing body fat is not a good idea for you, you might want to check on other fat removal techniques that can bring more drastic results in the entirety of the body. There’s the FDA-approved Kybella, which is an injectable that works by eliminating fat around the chin area.

    Microneedling patches

    If it’s your first time hearing the word “Microneedling,” well, you heard it right. As the name implies, microneedling is a skin treatment where a special roller with short needles is used to form minuscule punctures in the skin that triggers cell rejuvenation, increased production of collagen, and diminish the chance of recurring acne. It may sound a bit painful, but those that experienced microneedling said that they felt nothing upon undergoing such treatment.

    Additionally, microneedling is now widely used in the medical field, with the possible expansion of its application as a replacement for using syringes. Some experts also believed that it can be years from now that acne can be remedied through patches powered with this technology.

    Re-application of basic skincare routines

    In the past years, the skincare industry has taught us to use multiple products and stack them up in our faces and body in order to achieve the best results. However, there is a growing concern to this habit, because it promotes the development of skin irritations, allergies and rosacea.

    As a solution to this problem, dermatologists are now persuading skincare enthusiasts to stick to a basic routine with products that cater to any to what their skin needs right now. The optimal number of products that can be applied are now lowered down into two up to three at a time.

    Retinol Alternatives

    Retinoids are vitamin A-based chemical compound that is known to slow down the aging process by reducing the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. However, concerns regarding this agent arise due to its adverse side effects such as dryness, irritation, and redness of the skin.

    Thankfully, studies this year to develop retinol alternative finally bore positive results with the emergence of bakuchiol, a botanical ingredient which carries antioxidant properties. As antioxidant can also slow down the anti-aging process similar to what retinol does, bakuchiol had something more to offer. It can prevent inflammation of the skin and is now considered to be one of the best and recent discoveries in the world of skincare. Some brands are now integrating bakuchiol as an active ingredient on their product lines.

    Final Thoughts

    We may now be entering the late stages of the year, but it doesn’t mean that the rise of newest 2019 trends in skincare trends is also nearing its end. Check out these latest trends and see what you can achieve!

    Sally Hart
    Sally Hart
    Sally Hart is a beauty enthusiast writing for Primera Body Designs, a medical aesthetic office which aims to provide safe and effective services administered by licensed medical professionals and caring staff. Her passion for skincare inspires her to useful articles that feature products that would make you feel more confident!

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