5 Tips for Styling Floral Dresses All Year Long

We all have them, and they’re great…come May, but how can we get use out of them all year long? Floral prints are both timeless and versatile, but during the cooler months, we’re often left wondering how to keep them from a dark winter spent hanging in the closet. It’s actually not as hard as it may seem. Chances are, you already have several of the items on hand you’ll need to make your favorite floral dresses a wardrobe staple twelve months out of the year. So, don’t pack them away with the rest of your shorts and tanks quite yet.

Treat Them Like a Layer

Floral DressesEveryone loves the power of layering. It’s so easy and functional to start with a great base, like a simple tank, and then add a light cardigan and an even more structured jacket on top. The pieces are easy to shed if it warms up, and you’ll still look great as you go. Floral dresses can actually be the perfect base for a winter outfit. Just add a cardigan or open sweater on top, and you’ll instantly transform a dress that screams summer into something far more fall appropriate. In general, fashionable floral dresses are a great way to bolster your wardrobe staples collection since they are so easily adapted to every occasion.

Hats ON

A great hat is the perfect tool to completely change the tone of an outfit. When you pair a hat in a rich fabric, like velvet or suede, you can instantly give a floral print dress a more winterized feel. Plus, The Huffington Post suggests that more women opt for hats in winter anyway to protect hair and to stay warmer in general. Colors also play a major role in how we perceive the intended season of wear for any item. Adding a hat in a dark color or a fantastic, jewel-toned beanie to a floral frock causes an immediate change in perception.

Use Shoes to Work Your Magic

Ankle BootsIt really is amazing just how powerful the style of shoe you choose for an outfit has on the end result of a look. Wear flats with your favorite skinny jeans, and you’re set for day, but add some heels, and you can hit the town at night and look every bit the fashionista. The same goes for styling your floral dresses throughout the year. Sandals and slingbacks are ideal for spring and summer but reach for your ankle boots or combat boots in fall and winter. Consider wearing some tall socks that peek from the top of your boots for a boho chic look that can take any floral print from beachside to December holiday shopping. And, leather, or patent leather practically screams cooler weather, so don’t be afraid to pair it with florals as well.

Tights Are the Trick

Now, be forewarned that this next tip can become a bit of an addiction. Personally speaking, I had to seek help for my tights and legging addiction a few years back when I literally neglected every pair of real pants I owned for far longer than I’m willing to admit. The fact is, tights worn under dresses are so incredibly comfortable and easy. They add warmth, but also make a dress that much more wearable. There’s no worrying about overexposure (fall gets windy!), and you don’t have to worry if it’s been more than a few days since you last had time to shave. Layer tights in rich, fall colors under floral dresses, add your favorite ankle boots, and you’re set rain or shine!

Use Accessories to Set the Tone

Chances are, you already appreciate the ability of a great accessory to give you that extra boost of confidence that takes what you’re wearing from good to great. When it comes to styling a floral dress throughout the year, a buttery soft infinity scarf wrapped around your neck, or leather belt wrapped around your waist can instantly change your look into one that screams cool weather. So, grab your staple winter accessories, and don’t be afraid to pair them with your old go-to favorite summer shift dress. You’ll be in style regardless of the season because our love for floral isn’t going anywhere.