5 Remodel Ideas for Basement to Add Value

    Basements are regularly the widest spaces in our homes. However, they also tend to be the coldest and darkest ones. For this reason people do not really consider basements as real rooms and prefer using them for storage needs. But people who seek for enlargement and renovations usually look at their basement spaces from different perspectives. According to the basement remodeling experts, with the help of proper interior design you can actually make your basement one of the most valuable rooms in the whole house! Below we prepared five easy and still extremely effective ways to remodel your home’s basement and increase value of your home.

    Create divisions in wide open spaces

    As already stated, most frequently your basement will look like a huge garage. This is why, in order to look at this space from a different angle professional basements contractor Guy Solomon advises to divide the space into sections. For this purpose you can put real walls in case the space is really huge. If your basement is not as big as you wished it to, consider division of space with the help of half walls, color pallets, or even pieces of furniture. All these means will make you room look more attractive and functional.

    Add a bathroom

    Regardless of the application you decide to provide your basement with, add a small bathroom downstairs. Of course, there is no need in the real bath, but a toilet, basin, and a shower will be of a great use! First of all, if you are sitting downstairs or your kids are paling there, no one will have to climb upstairs in order to use the restroom. Secondly, if you have a home gym, then shower is simply a must. And, finally, in case every other bathroom in your home is occupied or broke down, you will always have a backup plan!

    Close off storage spaces

    Remember that basements continue to be associated with storage spaces so do not take this opportunity from yourself. Think about creating functional space for your comfortable living there.  So consider installing in-wall storages, various shelves and cupboards to create the perfect mood and functionality.

    Let there be light

    Remember that basements are like the worst places for children because they are dark and unpleasant? This is cliché that you need to fight. So make sure to get as much natural light as possible. But at the same time do not forget to install lots of artificial lights to insurer that your basement is not dark. At this point our basements advisor Guy Solomon only reminds to ensure that you do not connect all lights to the same network!

    Open up the staircase

    And the final tip to make your basement look outstanding is to open up your beautiful stairs. Once you get rid of the door and install creative staircase you will get the most beautiful room possible! And do not forget about safety in terms of rails and sufficient light.

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