5 Beautiful Pieces Of Diamond Jewellery For Working Women

No matter what people say, women love jewellery. Period. There is no alternative in this universe, which will uplift any woman’s mood than a nice matching piece of bracelet or earrings. The daily routine of choosing appropriate jewellery for work is something you do not miss. You enjoy this process as you tousle your trinket collection to find ‘the perfect one’. Some of us have a hidden fear of going overboard in terms of jewellery and try to keep it simple. It’s a known fact that the right kind of jewellery can boost your mood to a whole new level! Hence, when you are unsure about what to wear, go for diamonds, for they never fail to make an impression. To add some edge to your ‘everyday office look’, we have collated 5 premium diamond jewels from Rockrush, an online jewellery store, which will fit both formal and informal office wear.

Criss-cross Diamond Bracelet


Sometimes all you need is a diamond bracelet hanging delicately on your wrists to face any challenge! The Criss-cross Diamond Bracelet from Rockrush is every woman’s dream. Made in yellow gold, the bracelet adds a chic factor and goes well with your formal skirt & blouse look.

Clara Floral Earring


These diamond earrings are bound to make you go from “I don’t feel like going to work” to “Yay, let’s do this!”. With one flower in gold and the other in diamonds, these earrings scream ‘flower power’! You need not worry about the quality of these Clara Floral Earrings as they are SGL and IGI certified.

Princess Forever Crown Pendant


You are a princess and let not anyone tell you otherwise. Instead of hoping that your Prince Charming will arrive on a white horse, why don’t you rule your kingdom with this Princess Forever Crown Pendant? The diamond pendant design along with the base of 18kt rose gold makes this a piece of luxury.

Alternate Fallback Ring


The beauty of this jewel remains unmatched and will enhance your image. The Alternate Fallback Ring is a mix of rose gold and diamonds with a wavy design. Heading for a meeting? Wear this charmer and go with the flow! Also, browse through the large collection of diamond rings for women at Rockrush for more designs.

Changing Rhythm Nose Pin

Nose ring

A weakness of every woman, diamond nose pins give a sharp and smart look and can very well make a fine impression. We don’t want you to go wrong here and hence have picked this piece of gold! The Changing Rhythm Nose Pin is an epitome of all good things – music, gold and diamonds. Perfect for everyday wear, these earrings can be paired with semi-formals and Kurtis alike.

Make each day count and take over the world with these charming diamond jewellery selects. Have a look at the exclusive collection of gold, diamond and gemstone jewellery at Rockrush and add some colour, quality and designs to your stock!