Cool Tips to Create DIY Rave Outfit

Going to a rave party. Confused what to wear? This article includes all the tips and tricks to make you dress up for a rave party and stand out from the crowd.

Boys and girls both need different type of styling for a rave party.

Tips for Boys

Topwear it the first thing that gets noticed so it needs to be great. There are various options available from which you can choose. LED hoodies and jackets, glow in the dark tees, arc reactor tees and tank tops.

Options for bottomwear are limitless so you need to choose what matches your outfit. It is best to ditch boring denims and go for some funky bottoms.

Matching footwear with various designs in LED and plasma and glow in the dark rave shoes enhance your look.

Accessories like various types of headgear and hand gloves can be chosen for that extra edge. LED equipped gloves, rings can be used for hands and various rave masks and sunglasses enhance the overall appearance.

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Tips for Girls

Top wear for girls have various options from bodysuits and tees which need to be bright and light reflecting. LED hoodies are also very trending in rave parties.

Bottom wear for girls have lots of options to choose from like neon leggings, leg warmers. Fluffies contain lots of fur and is a must try for that ultimate raver look.

Matching footwear can enhance the look of any rave themed dress and can be chosen from LED and plasma shoes along with glow in the dark varieties.

Accessories for girls are really cool and can up your oomph factor in any rave party. Gas masks with LED, sunglasses, LED braids, LED equipped rings and gloves are some of the available options you can choose from.

Have a look at the following infographic shared by Rave Wonderland for more elaborate explanation.

Cool Tips to Create DIY Rave Outfits

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