Prevailing Fashion Trends In Custom Jewellery And Accessories

    Fashion industry is in a constant transformation. What is termed as ‘fashionable’  today, does not take much time to be called as ‘outdated’ tomorrow.  To meet the ever-evolving  fashion trends and tastes,  jewellery designers bring  a blend of creativity and innovation in the designing and manufacturing of  custom jewellery every now and then. If you are a fashionista, you might not like to miss the latest fashion trends and styles in fashion jewellery.  With the help of prominent fashion experts, we have compiled a list of the flourishing imitation jewellery of the year 2019.

    Have a look at the trends and dress yourself like a Bollywood Diva:

    1. Trending Colour Shades in custom Jewellery

    Luxury gemstone jewelry

    At present, intense shades and bold impressions are making their appearance in the market. To name a few prominent shades, blue-green, yellowish-orange and amethyst are setting a vogue in the industry. Hues of olivine and green are replacing the traditional shades. Talking about rich colours and forgetting topaz and peacock shall be quite unfair. As per the experts, the spring season will bloom with exquisite jewellery. It is difficult to beat silver whereas the gold is shimmering in everyone’s eyes.

    2. Dominating Jewellery Designs

    Expensive Jewelry

    There is no denying to the fact that fashion jewellery and bold patterns complement one another. In this season too, bold designs and patterns are ruling out. The designs are celebrated in a variety of ornaments including fashion necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets which are exhibiting these flawless designs and beautiful finishes. The beauty and charm of wood have not faded in another season. However gemstones are shedding their twinkling in naturally occurring fabric. They are enhancing the looks of custom jewellery  by  adding a natural touch of semi-precious gems to them. It is expected that these designs and patterns will soar with the spring season. Some of the most-sought after neckwear are 48 and 60 inch ropes that can be styled in fascinating ways. Jet is crafted to create durable pieces of holiday jewellery. On the other hand, antique composition is witnessed in jewellery for beautiful brides out there.

    3. Conventional fashion jewellery and accessories

    Where bold patterns and intense shades are dominating the fashion trends, there is also a huge market flaunting timeless looks, urging for your attention.  Since the preceding spring, there has been a significant rise in the demand for traditional accessories.  Designers have come up with a new concept of theme based jewellery that is refining the term  ‘fashion’. The line of theme jewellery has expanded to cater to the requirements and preferences of customers.  It has elegant pendants, simple to carry earrings and eye-catchy bracelets within its ambit. Apart from these, classic rhinestones, lightweight carry bags, and bridal jewellery are showcasing an exemplary mood with an enduring effect. One thing is assured that with the changing fashion trends, this traditional market featuring certain items will remain unaffected.

    Last but not the least.

    4. Accessory Trends

    Sequins and buttons are bigger in size in comparison to other types of accessories particularly as we talk about them in casual and party-wear hand bags. Fashion world is  always drawing inspiration from the Bollywood stars and industry. Designers  are imitating  the looks and accessories that are constantly flaunted on the silver screens. For an instance, the suitcase ladies bags ( as we call them owing to their large size) are the prevailing style in this summer season.  Some of the trend setters are party-carry bags, huge sequins as well as vogue. However the classic accessories are an integral part of a person’s lifestyle.

    Girl in sunglasses

    Bigger sunglasses are adding a complete look to one’s overall personality. But aviators are running the day as well. Retro looks are flourishing in the modern world whereas colourful frames are in too. Matching lenses are a cherry to the cake.

    5. Hats and Headwear

    Prevailing Fashion Trends In Custom Jewellery And Accessories 3

    No matter where the fashion leads, dress hats have always been an inevitable part of the market. Ladies hats are offering typical traditional touch with an ample room for versatility of customized designs and trends. Rollup cowboy hat is labeled as the hat of the year. However, cowboy hats are not embraced in all parts of the country. But the rising sales of these hats do justice to this title. It is evident that the entertainment industry is going out of their ways in making these designs popular.

    Do not wait any longer. Embrace the fashion trends and flaunt your own style to the world out there. Go bold, and steal the show.

    Hope, you found this article informative. For any query or suggestion, feel free to connect with us!

    Jessie James
    Jessie James
    For Jessie the word ‘fashion’ has become a way of her life.She is fond of sharing her fashion knowledge with people who are keen to hear about it. Recently, She is working with Eindiawholesale. She has worked with a number of international fashion brands.

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