How to Buy a Better Mattress

    If you’re in the middle of remodeling your home, one new purchase you might not consider making is buying a new mattress[1]. However, when undertaking a renovation or remodeling of your home, a new mattress might be a great investment for your future. This is especially true if you’re trying to make your home more comfortable and serene.

    Your mattress is a significant part of your home. You spend nearly a third of all your time on your mattress so why not consider upgrading your sleeping experience with a mattress that better suits your needs. If you’ve noticed that you aren’t getting the quality sleep that you deserve, your mattress may be playing a part. But now that we’ve identified that you probably need a new mattress for your bedroom, how do you ensure that the mattress that you buy is the right one?

    How to Find the Mattress of Your Dreams

    If you want to find the mattress of your dreams there are several considerations that you need to make to ensure that you find the right mattress for not only your sleeping needs but also your sleeping positions. There are 8 factors that you will need to consider to ensure that you find the right mattress that will give you the quality of sleep you deserve for many years to come.

    1. Comfort

    The first factor you will need to consider when choosing a mattress is comfort. Comfort or firmness level will depend upon your chosen sleeping position. The three most common sleeping positions are stomach, side, and back positions [2]. If, for example, you are a side sleeper, most sleep experts suggest that you choose a mattress with a firmness level of 6. Mattress firmness levels range from a one to a 10. A 6 is generally a medium firmness level. It’s not too soft or too hard, it would make Goldilocks happy.

    2. Temperature

    When we talk about the temperature of a mattress we aren’t talking about mattresses that generate heat. Many modern mattresses use materials that help to remove the sleeping person’s body heat from the mattress to reduce the creation of hot spots. If when sleeping in your current mattress you find that you get hot at night, it may be a sign that your mattress does not use these cooling materials. 

    3. Motion Transfer

    Another factor that you need to consider when choosing a mattress is motion transfer. Motion transfer allows you to sleep comfortably alongside a person that tosses and turns without being disturbed in your sleep. Commonly, innerspring mattresses tend to have the highest motion transfer, while foam mattresses tend to be the best at isolating motion. If you sleep next to someone that moves a lot when they sleep, you should consider buying a foam mattress to avoid being awakened from your slumber.

    4. Edge Support

    Do you ever feel like you’re about to fall off your bed when you get close to the edge of your mattress? If you do, it may be because your current mattress lacks adequate edge support. If you’re looking for the best edge support, you will want to consider an innerspring or hybrid mattress for your home. While foam mattresses are often known for having lackluster edge support, this is primarily a problem of the cheapest foam mattress on the market. Quality foam mattresses tend to have better edge support. 

    5. Durability

    When buying a mattress you will need to consider the lifespan or durability of the mattress. Depending on the type of mattress that you purchase it will have a different lifespan. For example, an innerspring mattress should last for eight years [3], while a foam mattress will last for 10 to 15 years depending upon your care and upkeep as well as the quality of the mattress itself. 

    6. Materials

    There are certain times when you will need to consider the materials of the mattress that you are buying. Some people are concerned about the environment and look to purchase organic mattresses and mattresses that use more environmentally friendly materials. Other people have allergies or sensitivities that require them to think about what kind of chemicals are used with the mattress. If you are concerned about these issues, make sure to first consider the materials and then work through the rest of the factors mentioned above to find the right mattress for your needs.

    7. Price

    It would be nice if money wasn’t an issue when buying a mattress but for most of us that aren’t Jeff Bezos, we have budgets to consider. A quality mattress can be expensive but with the rise of online mattress stores, you can easily find a quality mattress that meets your specific needs without breaking the bank. Furthermore, if you shop at certain times of the year you can find deep discounts on mattresses that will allow you to find a quality mattress that fits your budget.

    8. Size

    The final factor to consider when purchasing a mattress as you remodel your home is the size of the mattress. Obviously, if you’re trying to sleep two people to one mattress you will want to avoid buying a twin mattress. The different sizes of mattresses are twin, full, queen, king, and California king. When choosing a mattress size make sure to consider your own body type and that of your sleeping partner (if you have one).

    We hope that this guide will help you to choose a mattress that will help you finally get the rest that you deserve. If you consider all eight factors when choosing your mattress you can easily get a mattress that fits not only your budget but your body type, sleeping style, and comfort guidelines.

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