Helpful Tips To Find The Best Mechanic For Your Car

    In the recent times, almost every household has either a 2 wheeler or a 4 four-wheeler or both. They have become the necessity of our lives because of the convenience they offer. However, over a while our vehicles tend to show signs of trouble, it may be a small issue in the start, but it is better to get it checked by a certified mechanic before the issue turns into something major and causes even more damage.

    With hundreds and thousands of mechanics available, picking up the best becomes a task that needs your complete attention. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, you need to search for a mechanic who specializes in working on the type of vehicle you have. Here we have listed down few tips on how you can get the best man for the job.

    Tip 1: As For Recommendations And Referrals

    If you are new in the city, then the best way to get the information on best mechanics in your neighborhood is by asking your neighbors if you have any family or friends living around you can ask them. This will help you with the names of mechanics trusted by people you know, so you can be sure that these mechanics will provide good quality service. If you have been living in the city or the neighborhood for a long time then you would already know the names of mechanics in your area, you just need to find out if they provide good quality service

    Tip 2: Check The Area Of Expertise

    Once you have the names of the mechanics, you need to check if they have worked on the type of vehicle you have. A mechanic can be an all-rounder or have areas of expertise and deal with particular vehicles only. For instance, If you have a bike, it is best to go for a mechanic who specializes in working on bikes only because this will ensure that he has all the knowledge related to bikes. Hence, the same goes for cars, trucks etc. This way, the mechanic will not have different types of vehicles to work on, and he will have all the necessary tools, equipment and parts available.

    Tip 3: Check If The Mechanic Is Certified and Authorized

    Without the relevant training and certificates, any mechanic cannot work on your vehicle. They need to go through certain training programs to get certified and get into apprenticeship with any reputed automobile repair shop to get license numbers. Whenever you choose a mechanic, make it a point to check the validity date of your license and certificates because they can renew their licenses only after they go through a refresher training or any new training related to automobiles. Many mechanics get authorized from brands to service and repair vehicles of that particular brand; choosing such a mechanic will only give you the best results.

    Tip 4: Price is not everything

    When a mechanic has been in the business for many years, they may charge you more than the others. So do not get stuck on price and choose the one with the lowest cost price as you may end up with quality work and cheap or second-hand parts. It is best to compare prices of different mechanics that offer similar services to understand what services you are getting in the money you are paying.

    Tip 5: Do A Test Run

    When you narrowed down the list of mechanics to 2-3 names it is best to give a test run to the mechanic by bringing in your car or bike for smaller repairs and services. This will allow you to observe how they handle your vehicle, how they ask questions and respond to your queries, and when the work is done, how do they provide customer care post service and repairs are done, etc. The test run will give you a chance to know who to go to when you have any major repairs to tend to.


    Trusting a mechanic with your vehicle is a major decision because anything not done right may result in some poor quality work or cause more damage than the previous one. It is better to steer clear of any mechanic that tries to over sell any services that it is not required and haggles you to do it because such mechanics do not care about your vehicle but only about the money they make.

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