My Liebster Blogger Award and Nominations

I’m sure you must wondering what exactly a Liebster award is. Well, it’s nothing but a rotating virtual award that is forwarded by one blogger to more bloggers. Somewhat like the ever going chain emails or text messages. The word Liebster has a German origin and may mean: dearest, beloved, sweetest, Kind, nicest, endearing etc.

Different people set their own rules for the Liebster Award they’re giving out. About time I thanked Leena Walawalkar, who was so generous in giving me my Liebster Award. Leena is a CA (by accident), runs her blog ‘Blah Blah of the mind’ and Author of the Book: You’ve Got to be Kidding

liebster award

It’s already time that I answer the questions set by Leena. So here it is:

Q. Where did it all begin? (Wait, blogging I mean)

A. It goes back a long time back. About 6-7 Years. I was a chatting freak in those days. After trying my hands on Yahoo, and getting bored of all the spammers, I tried my hands on Meebo. Well, in there I found a friend who was running a chatroom powered by meebo onto his own blog. When he closed down his website and chatroom, I decided to take the matter into my hands. A gradually learned how to make websites. (All for a chatting obsession, freaking, eh?). And then it stopped. I learned using scripts like vbulletin, phpbb, joomla and wordpress. But soon the fever was over. Then, a few months back a friends asked me if I can build a blog for him. Not only did I make the blog for him, eventually I ended up running the blog as my own. That’s how came Zigverve.

Q. What does your blog focus on? (Or are you more like me? Pulling out the pen, and lashing out at the world on every damn subject. Don’t blame me; I have a tool mightier than the sword I’ve been told)

A. Mostly health. Little bit lifestyle and related topics (most of which come as guest posts anyway).

Q. What’s your poison? Show me the money honey or, Saala main toh sahib ban gaya!

A. Truly speaking I never thought about it. I have a crazy heart and I follow it to the end. And, each day it tells me a different thing.

Q. Okay so I comment, you comment, we all comment for……. It’s been a while since we’ve been discussing topics of international, national, even gully importance. It’s high time I knew whom I’m talking to. Tell me more about yourself, shall ya?

A. Me. Well… Umm… There is not much about me. Ok, I’ll tell about my present self. I have a clothing business. But since I’ve lot of spare time in hand, I’m spending a lot of time in blogging. I am still working on my first Masterpiece (well, not the first book as such. I keep writing and then improving or changing to a new, until I know it’s a masterpiece). My passion is to learn new things and it’s this passion that makes me move forward each day.

Q. Hitting the keyboard and cursing the wifi is what our free time mostly comprises of. Other than that, what’s your relaxation mantra?

A. I watch movies. I read. Sometimes, I play guitar (it’s getting rare though). The best of all, I sleep.

Q. If they made you the Prime Minister of India for one day, who’s a** would you kick first? (I know picking one’s tough, thanks to our state of affairs, but I’m sure with your foresight you can do it)

A. No. That isn’t my style. For the current state of India, not one person can be blamed. So kicking ass is out of the question. What I’d like to do is educate people with their shortcomings, and provide them with solutions. When the next day comes, I’ll stand with them in implementing the solution.

Q. Some intelligent soul once said to me, that he thought Global Warming equals to the climate getting warmer! Never mind, one tip/advice that you would want to share with all readers for doing their little bit.

A. Keep at least your own surroundings clean. Never throw your garbage everywhere, but in a bin. Minimise electricity use. Use air conditioners (and other electronic devices) only when you really need them. Be the ideal person that you expect other to be.

Q. Your take on (choose one) – Returns or Exchange policy of authors on awards or, The ‘Intolerance’ mania

A. I think returning awards does nothing but make people doubtful of your own credentials. If you think there is a problem, then think about its solution. Tell those solutions to others, and help in implementing them. If you have been given an award, that means you are more likely to be heard by people. Be the leader, not the escapist.

Q. Any wish (better still if it’s a secret one) for Santa this year?

A. Time Machine?

Q. Your opinion on my blog and style of writing. Keep a hand on your blog (window), and say the truth, nothing but the truth. (No venting out anger for the questions above.)

A. As the name goes. Blah Blah of the mind. Well, not literally. Your posts are rich on humour, sometimes touchy. That’s the kind of blog everyone would love to read, I would love to read.


So, there. All questions answered. Now it’s my turn to name my Liebster award winners (alphabetical order).

  1. Alok Singhal
  2. Archana Kapoor
  3. Indrani Ghose
  4. Maitreni Mishra
  5. Mridula
  6. Nishant Rastogi
  7. Ravi Singh
  8. Saru Singhal
  9. Shweta
  10. Vish

And, here are my questions that you must answer after you accept the award:

  1. What does blogging mean to you?
  2. Who are you?
  3. If you know that your next blogpost would be read by entire India, what would that post be about?
  4. If you are asked to write a biography, whose biography would it be?
  5. How would you define a successful blog?
  6. How long do you think you can go without laptop, smartphone, or tablet?
  7. What drives you?
  8. What would you tell to new bloggers?
  9. How do you deal with Blogger’s block (like writer’s block)?
  10. What do you think about my blog?

The rules:

  • Blog about the Liebster Award
  • Forward the award to 10 more people with 10 questions.
  • Answer the questions you received
  • Inform the winners about their award