Saturday, January 25, 2020

How To efficiently Manage Debt as a Single Parent?

The burden of debt is one big reason single parents often lead a troubled life with finances. If you are a single parent and...
Rooftop restaurant

6 Tips to open your own rooftop restaurant

While a patio cafe or a dining area is the best way to draw diners to your restaurant, sometimes there remains no choice if...
Life insurance

How to Become Rich – Cash-value life insurance

Have you ever thought of what your life would be like in 20 years? You might ignore this though. Nevertheless, let’s think about how...

7 Steps to convert your rag-tag clothes shop into a modern showroom

“If you want to sell something, make it look good”. This is the mantra of modern marketing. From small toys to big fancy cars, if...
Finacial management

7 Lessons of Financial Management from My Grandpa with Four Children

Even though the world has been undergoing a change at quite a rapid pace, and everything does seem completely different from what we witnessed...
Life insurance

Planning to buy an insurance? Make sure you know these 10 facts about life...

Life insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurer, where the latter provides a death benefit to the nominated beneficiaries in the...
Choosing a term insurance plan

Factors you must consider before choosing a term insurance plan

These days purchasing a life insurance policy isn’t just an optional method of securing your family’s future but it has become a necessity. When...
Personal loan vs gold loan

Personal Loan Vs Gold Loan: Which one should you go for in your hour...

Most people find it hard to ask for help from their friends, either because they’re too shy or they don’t want to show that...

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