Jogging, Running

9 Perfect health tips for all the working women out there!

I am drained! Workout? No way! Don’t you know how much I work? I can’t take more pressure. Do you think that you heard the same thing...
Workout for Killer abs

Top 5 Exercises to Build Killer Abs

If I am not wrong, almost every man aspires to have killer abs. I mean who wouldn’t wish to flaunt their ripped up 6-pack...
Woman Working Out

6 Ways women over 35 can stay healthy and in shape

For most women, turning 35 is a phase filled with anxiety. The mid-30s never seem the time one should take care of themselves, but...
Workout Pull Up

How to build a superhero physique effortlessly

I’m sure that most of the guys start working out after seeing guys such as Chris Evans in Captain America, Ben Affleck in Batman...
Yoga Girl

Best yoga asanas for good health

The word “Yoga” is sure to bring images of people straining themselves in serpentine coils to some of us out there. But Yoga is...
Girl Stretching Workout

Lose the stubborn fat with these 10 amazing fitness tips

Are you ready to lose those extra fats which you have been carrying around for months? Summers are here, and I know you need a...
Tips for weight loss

How to lose fat deposits with liposuction?

It is not always about what you eat and drink. Rather it can be about what you are not eating and drinking, for which...
Workout tips for dirt bikers

Perfect workouts for dirt bike riders

We all have desires in our life to pursue an adventure sport, to live life on the edge, feel the rush of the adrenaline...

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