Principles of good web design 2020

    Having a website for your business is a good step to widening the scope of your target customers and effectively marketing your products and services. But having a good website takes a certain amount of hard work to accomplish and to make sure that your website is fulfilling its intended function.

    A good website starts with good web design. The design of your business website can make or break your brand. If you have a great web design then you can convey the visions of your company and effectively market your products and services to the right people.

    Why do you need a good web design?

    Brand or Business awareness

    Setting up a website is a great step to take your website to a whole new level. This makes your brand established in the digital market and helps your customers trust your brand more because brands that have websites with good web design look and feel more trustworthy and legit. Having a good web design will help attract new customers and raise awareness for your business or brand in the digital market.

    Communication and engagement

    Having a good web design is essential to provide your customers with good communication and engagement even in the corners of their homes. Promotions, policies, and customer service on your website should be easy to access and help your customers stay connected to your brand and more likely for them to purchase your goods and services.


    All the company’s efforts boil down to one goal, that is profit. It is a business for a reason, and there is no second-guessing that something pleasing will earn more. When your website has a good design and easy to access for your customers, then they will enjoy staying on your website, and just like in malls, the longer you stay, the more likely you are to buy and spend more.

    What is good web design?

    Good web design is composed of proper formatting and aesthetics. It is all about managing the elements of your website and making it pleasing for your customers to navigate and enjoy. Several factors make up for good web design, such as colors, pictures, typography, functionality, consistency, and simplicity.

    Good web design makes your potential customers feel at home and at ease with your website for them to browse through your offerings and perceive your brand as trustworthy and worth their hard-earned money.

    Principles of a good web design

    1. Target

    Before building a website, planning for a web design entails knowing your target market. For example, a web design company in Grande Prairie will know the quirks of people living there that might avail of your services and goods. Knowing your target can help you build a design that is interesting and captivating to your target audience, and you will be sure that your website will be utilized and fulfil its functions.

    2. Simplicity

    They say less is more. It is true even with web design. A few elements put together in harmony are better than overcrowding your design. The key here is to direct your customers to the main purpose of your website and keep everything else simple. Having plenty of elements that are not necessary to achieve your business goals will just distract your customers from taking action.

    Also, a clean design will look fresher and not intimidating to new visitors. This is appealing to new customers as it will not frustrate them and eventually leave your website without buying anything.

    3. Consistency

    Consistency comes when you know your brand in and out. Elements should match each other throughout the website and colors, fonts, sizes, buttons, images should have a sense of consistency. Being consistent makes your brand look more professional and confident, earning the trust and confidence of customers to buy from your website.

    4. Readability

    Choosing your typography throughout your website can be hard. But readability is what you are going for. It should be your aim that it is visually appealing to your customers and it is easy to read. 

    5. Mobile friendly

    Everybody is on their phones these days, that is why you should not only focus on good web design on laptops and computers but for tablets and phones as well. Having a dynamic web design and responsive layout helps with the transition of your website from platform to platform. Conquering the mobile platform ensures that you have captured your mobile customers.

    6. Colors and Images

    Colors have been long used to entice and attract people into certain things like food, dress, and even people. It is the same with web design. Having a pleasant color palette for your website will impart a good impact on your visitors and will entice them to stay more and even purchase your products. Using vibrant colors is not always the key to good web design. You must know the balance was to put a pop of color and when to keep things neutral.

    7. Loading time

    Optimizing your website to be lighter and easier to load will benefit your customers and they will be encouraged to load your websites frequently because they know it will not be a hassle. Loading time ensures your customers are not waiting between pages and will spend more time shopping than waiting.

    8. Easy Navigation

    There is a technique called the “three-click-rule” where your visitors or customers can get what they came for within just three clicks. Logical element placements such as information, photos, and buttons, are essential to making navigation a breeze on your website.

    9. Information

    Your website is there to represent your brand when there is no sales attendant to advertise and explain why your customers should buy your products. That is why good web design should be able to communicate your products’ selling points and essential information about it. 

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