What kind of courses can you study after a bachelor’s in music production degree?

    Derived from the Greek word ‘Mousike,’ music has shaped hundreds of civilisations across the world. In ancient times, music was considered a way to interact with gods and other godly spirits. You can mould music to suit different stages or moods of life as well.

    For example, music can be inspirational, romantic, energetic, patriotic and even tragic. In modern times too, music continues to dominate every aspect of our lives. The global music industry is a booming sector and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

    In this scenario, aiming for a career in music management or production can be a wise decision. Let’s take a deep dive into what entails in a music production career, what you can expect from a music production degree, and what kind of course options are available after a bachelor’s degree in music production.

    What does a bachelor’s degree in music production provide you?

    An undergraduate degree in music production teaches you about different facets of music composition and production such as sound recording, mastering and mixing. While the course curriculum can change from one university to another, here are some common subjects you can expect to study in any music production degree.

    1. Basic elements of music
    2. Recording tools and technology
    3. Keyboard harmony
    4. Fundamentals of music production
    5. Foley recording
    6. Voice and sound dubbing
    7. Listening and sound analysis
    8. Recording, editing and mixing techniques for sound production

    What kind of academic options can you get after a bachelor’s degree in music production?

    Once you finish your bachelor’s degree, you have two career options in front of you. You can choose to start working in an entry-level role in the music industry or pursue a master’s programme to gain more knowledge and specialise in a specific music genre.

    Here are some of the master’s degrees in music production that you can choose from.

    1. Master of Arts in Creative Music Production
    2. Master of Music in Audio Production
    3. Master of Science in Audio Engineering
    4. Master of Music in Music Performance and Production
    5. Master of Arts in Music Song writing
    6. Master of Science in Sound and Interactive Games

    What are the career prospects of a music production programme?

    A good music production programme can guarantee a lot of career prospects and diversity. Here are some good roles that you can get as a music production graduate.

    1. Post-production coordinator
    2. Music producer
    3. TV and film sound producer
    4. Audio engineer
    5. Theatre composer
    6. Label producer

    Becoming a music producer will allow you to turn your passion for making music into a full-time profession. The best way to carve out a successful career path in music production would be to pursue a good bachelor’s programme in the subject and complement it with a master’s degree.

    Start your search for appropriate music production programmes today to become a record-breaking music producer or composer in the future.

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