What is the role of a marketing manager?

    Marketing is one of the most dynamic and exciting career domains out there today. A marketing career can allow you to express your creativity, solve important problems and add value to the brand.

    In the wake of digital marketing being a multi-million-dollar industry, seeking a career in the marketing domain can be quite lucrative. In addition to considerable job security, as a masters in marketing would inform you, you can also enjoy a lot of job diversity.

    The compensation prospects in this field are quite decent too. According to, a marketing manager in Germany can make € 60000 every year. This means, that acquiring this role can get you considerable financial stability.

    Let’s dive deeper into the role of a marketing manager and what you would need for the job.

    What does the role of a marketing manager involve?

    Marketing managers are usually mid-senior executives in a company or organisation. They ideate, develop and implement different marketing strategies and campaigns and also monitor them for their efficiency.

    In addition, marketing managers might also be involved in deciding product pricing and taking stock of store inventories and market research.

    Marketing managers have to be good business leaders since they often head teams of marketing executives and specialists. They also need to fulfil a lot of administrative and managerial responsibilities.

    What are the essential day-to-day roles and responsibilities of a marketing manager?

    The day-to-day job duties of a marketing manager are often dependent on the size of the company. In larger companies or MNCs, marketing managers often have specific duties and rarely take on additional work. However, in smaller companies, marketing managers take on a lot of cross-operational responsibilities.

    Here are some common aspects of the day-to-day job description of a marketing manager.

    1. Lead and guide market research projects or customer surveys
    2. Advise or suggest new ideas for marketing campaigns
    3. Monitor existing marketing campaigns to test their performance and impact
    4. Analyse marketing data to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns.

    What are the most important skills you should have for becoming a successful marketing manager?

    The marketing field is quite competitive. Hence, marketing managers need to always be on the top of their games if they want to sustain their careers for a long time.

    Here are the most important skills that marketing managers need to display to make their careers successful today.

    1. Creativity and innovative thinking
    2. Professional discretion and a strong moral compass
    3. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    4. Leadership and organisational skills

    What are the educational requirements for becoming a marketing manager?

    Since marketing managers are involved in considerable managerial duties, they need to have some expertise in business management or administration. Additionally, they also need to have at least a few years of experience and preferably a master’s degree in marketing.

    Investing in a good postgraduate marketing programme can help you prepare yourself for this illustrious role. Start looking for appropriate marketing masters’ programmes around you from today to become an accomplished marketing manager.

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