Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

    In this era of health consciousness, no one likes a bulging belly. Everyone desires a flat belly, without any fat. Losing that belly fat is a task that requires some serious commitment. While restricting your diet to healthy food items can contribute to reducing your belly fat, a flat tummy can only be achieved by working your belly out.

    Below are some of the best workouts to lose belly fat and fashion the perfect summer body.


    While you may be wondering why planks are there in every workout routine, planks actually are extremely beneficial. Due to the nature of this exercise, it targets most of your body and can contribute to strengthen the core, remove fat, improve posture and enhance blood circulation.

    Coming back to the point, Plank workout must be included in your daily workout routine if you’re seeking a flat tummy with a strong core.

    The most effective way to perform a plank is to lay on a flat surface, lift your body and shift your entire weight onto your toes and elbows. Keep your toes close to each other and position your elbows right under your shoulders. Also, while doing it, make sure that your body is perfectly straight and contract your abs.

    For best results, perform 2-3 sets of planks, 30 seconds each, each day. Gradually, you can increase the time from 30 seconds.

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    Sit Up Bench Workout

    Sit up benches are extremely useful when it comes to losing the belly fat. You can perform a number of exercises on a sit-up bench to maximize the results.

    Sit ups

    Sit ups directly target your abdominal muscles, helping you lose your body fat in the most effective manner. You can perform sit ups on a sit-up bench, starting from 3-4 sets of 10 sit ups, 5 times a week.

    Hip Raises

    Rest your head on the higher side of the bench and hold on to something. Next, raise your hips as high as you can and hold the posture for about 5 seconds. Just keep your legs stretched and vertical for better results and repeat it 5-6 times. Perform 2 sets of hip raises on sit-up bench daily with occasional breaks.

    You can also integrate leg raises into hip raises while working out your abs on a sit up bench for maximum results.

    On-Bench Crunches

    Crunches are already popular as a core strengthening exercise and you can multiply its effect on the mid-section by performing crunches on a sit up bench. Just get a strong hold of the bench through your legs and rest your back on the padding of the bench and raise your body slowly, feeling the tension and pressure. While performing a crunch, try to mobilize the maximum tension on your abs and you’ll be amazed to see the results.

    For optimal results, perform 3-4 sets with 15 reps each, 5=6 times a week.

    If you want to target the side fat, you can perform side crunches.

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    Lunge Twist

    Lunge twists are extremely useful when it comes to losing fat off the belly. Lunge Twists target abs, obliques, hips, and quads, working the whole mid-section of the body in a single go. First, position yourself with your feet waist-width apart, knees slightly bent and elbows bent at the angle of 80 degrees. Then step forward with your right foot only into a lunge position and twist your upper body (Not your knees).

    Then repeat the same for the left foot and perform 16 reps daily.

    Side-to-Side Bending

    This is another useful exercise that you can include in your workout routine to reduce belly fat. To perform side-to-side bends, stand with a straight posture with your feet close to each other. Next, bend your body to one side until you feel tension on that side of your abdominal, with the opposite hand resting on the hip. Stay in the position for around 15 seconds and return back to the regular posture. Then do the same for the opposite side and perform about 5-6 reps daily. You can increase the time and reps involved over time.

    Combining an effective workout routine with a controlled diet and regular cardio, you can lose that belly fat and have a flat belly.

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