Fitness Facts That Will Make You Rethink


Fitness is not a fad and should not be. It is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle what makes and breaks you as a person. As they say a healthy person is a successful person. So to be healthy and fit, you must understand what it takes to be fit. Hopefully these will encourage you to live a healthy life.

Here is a list of facts that you need to know. Read on to learn/unlearn the truths about the human body and its fitness…

Some Statistics First

  • 69% men think they are fit
  • Only 13% of men are fit
  • 3% of children between the ages 6 and 11 are overweight
  • In one day, some 4000 children and adults take up smoking
  • 80% people quit the exercising program they start at some point of time. A similar percentage of people lose interest in dieting plans.

Body Basics

  • A human body has approximately 650 muscles
  • Dieting plans fail, healthy eating habits always prevail
  • If you eat at night, you won’t become fat. Overeating can make you so.
  • Insulin is inversely proportional to growth hormones. Lower the insulin levels, high is the growth hormones. Which implies more fat mobilization.
  • The intensity of exercising and thyroid hormone are co-related.
  • An optimum level of testosterone is in favor of both men and women.
  • Fat, alcohol, carbohydrates and proteins have 9, 7, 4 and 4 calories per gram respectively.
  • Whole grain bread may contain chemicals, they get stacked in the body contributing to weight gain. Whole food ingredients are better.
  • The thermic effect of food (TEF) or the amount of energy required to digest and assimilate the food is highest in the case of proteins.
  • Skinny people don’t necessarily have low body fat. What matters the most is the body composition.


  • Labels can be misleading. If any label reads zero calories, it doesn’t mean it has no calories.
  • Glucose is not just received from carbohydrates – proteins and glycerol are equal contributors.
  • There is sugar hidden in a lot of foods you can’t think of like soft drinks, bars, etc.
  • You need a calorie deficit not cardio to lose weight, though the latter helps too.


  • The body burns 50 extra calories every day for every pound of muscle gained
  • You don’t burn calories while exercising, you burn when you are resting
  • To lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories
  • To burn more calories when at rest, you must have more muscle mass
  • 90% people do not know how many calories to eat to lose weight. A calorie calculator is an apt device to check the calorie intake.


  • Muscle is slightly denser than fat, but doesn’t weigh more than the fats
  • The strongest muscle of the body is that of the heart
  • Your muscles are three times better than fats when it comes to burning calories
  • Talking about muscles, your tongue is the only muscle in the body attached at one end
  • Your muscle tissue requires and assimilates fats throughout the day

Weight Loss

  • You can eat everything and still lose weight
  • No weight loss program should be initiated at the cost of your health
  • Nobody can aim at fat loss – it is a systemic process
  • There is a direct relation between your fitness level and the people around you
  • Weight is never equal to fat
  • Weight loss is largely a mental challenge and not a physical one as perceived.


  • Any time is the best time to exercise.
  • Gym memberships are not always expensive. They are mostly negotiable
  • No one is too old to say no to squats
  • 3 kinds of skeletal muscle fibers – type I, type II-A and type II-B.
  • It is easier to put on 10 pounds of weight than to lose 10 pounds of muscle.
  • To lose weight, 150 minutes of exercise in a week is sufficient
  • Crunches are not the best way to get flat abs
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is not due to lactic acid. Lactic acid usually comes back to normal in an hour after you finish exercising.
  • Dehydration by 3% can decrease strength by 10%. Drinking enough water ensures otherwise
  • More sweat doesn’t mean you are burning more calories. It is just a way of cooling your body.
  • Running isn’t bad for the knees, form is
  • Stretching doesn’t help recovering faster, limbering does to a certain extent
  • Yoga isn’t the best way to lose calories


  • Burning fat also requires sleeping well. If you skip sleep, losing weight can become difficult.
  • If you sleep more, your skin looks better and beautiful.
  • The best Body wipes are the ones that are paraben free.

These are the fitness facts that I believe should change your perception about fitness and make you start a new and healthy life.