How to Make the Best Out of a Morning Walk

For a lot of people who cannot run or workout vigorously for one reason or other reason daily brisk walk can help them a great deal with their fitness. However, you should remember that normal walking does not burn a lot of calories as such. Thus, it’s important that you do it the right way to make the best out of it. Below are a few tips to get you started:

Always keep a track

Buying a fitness tracker which can instantly tell you of the progress you’ve made is certainly going to boost your chances. It will encourage you to push yourself further. One accomplishment opens a way to another. You can find a lot of fitness trackers online. I suggest that you must for a wearable tech.

Get an app

In this era of smartphones a lot of phone apps are available for joggers and morning walkers. Not only these apps provide you with a map of your vicinity, you could also meet like-minded walkers to accompany you. You also make use of these to challenge yourself or your friends to bring the best out of each other.

Make music your partner

When you’re listening to music it makes exercising fun and take your mind off the physical stress to help you push yourself to newer limits. Load your phone or music player with your favourite numbers.

Get the right fitness gear

It’s important to wear right fitness gear, including a track suit and shoes of right fit. Do not ignore them thinking that it’s only a casual walk. Inappropriate gear may sometimes lead to problems. For example, ill-fitting shoes can lead to sores and blisters.

Take selfies

Who doesn’t love taking and sharing selfies? If you love it, then I suggest you could take a few snaps during the walk and share them with your friend to get their response. A good feedback is not only going to boost your own morale, but may also convince your friends into walking too.

Use the time to relax your mind

You don’t have to sit in a posture all the time to meditate. You must take the opportunity to calm your mind while walking. Concentrate on something like your steps, breathing or body movements and you’ll find yourself much at peace.

Explore new paths

You could always try to explore new routes for your walk. Not only would it help you stay away from monotony, you might actually discover something new about your place too. Always take a different path to return home if on foot, or you may also drive a little to a new place, walk and drive back home. Hills, parks and beaches make good venues for a walk.

Add wearable weights

To make your walk a little more challenging you can also make use of weights. You may start with light hand weights. As you get the hang of it you may add ankle weight to push you further.

Catch up with friends

You may also use this time to catch with your friends you wanted to but couldn’t because of lack of time. This would also keep your mind off the boredom and physical strain thus make you walk more.

Quality time with your partner

You may persuade your spouse or partner to accompany you on the walk. Talk to them, listen to what they have to say. When you share a quality time it only strengthens the bond between you two.