Top 7 reasons why you should not be bailing on your breakfast

    Every meal you have throughout your day gives you a chance to nourish your body. It all depends on the choice of food that you decide to feed your body with- it can be nourishing or just some kind of filling that is nowhere near healthy. We usually eat when our stomach feels empty or sometimes when we are simply just bored. However, there is one most important meal of the day, that should be treated as an absolute necessity. It is not just about satisfying your hunger or finding excuses because of your busy schedule- it is a must for our well-being and our body overall.

    What is more, this first meal of the day has much more to give us and in this article, we will discuss all of its benefits.

    Why we tend to skip breakfast 

    Surprisingly, skipping breakfast is more common than actually having one. A lot of children who attend school and working individuals tend to delay their first meal of the day due to many reasons, starting with lack of time for grabbing a bite or kids refusing to eat because they are in a bad mood. Anything could be your reason.

    Having breakfast is more than just a regular meal, it is breaking fast, which means providing your body with nutrients after a long period of time, specifically since your dinner. If you are someone who skips breakfast, we are here to prove that you are in the wrong.

    Health benefits of having breakfast

    1. Improves brain functioning 

    When you eat breakfast as the first meal of the day, it helps your brain function right. It can help you kickstart your day and get ready for persistent activity and long working hours. According to USDA reports, having breakfast specifically by children improves their ability to calculate, understand and receive better results on tests and exams.

    If you are a person who never misses breakfast, you certainly would understand how a day without it feels like, meaning being less energetic and lazier.

    2. Weight maintenance

    Weight Loss

    A well balanced and big breakfast can be very beneficial when for weight maintenance. Treat yourself with a healthy breakfast and get ready for your busy day without worrying about constant starvation. When your stomach feels empty, it is easier for your body to crave unnecessary foods resulting in rapid weight gain. In fact, children who skip their breakfast are more exposed to obesity.

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    3. It reduces chances of fatigue

    The top nutritionists recommend consumption of protein and fiber-rich breakfast in the morning to avoid possible fatigue during the day. Your dinner is not enough to keep your body going without a nutritious diet.

    Breakfast is important for that instant start of your metabolism and can turn your day into a really productive one. You may go without it for a day or two, but it can have a negative effect if you continue leaving to work without any breakfast.

    4. Skipping breakfast can increase the risk of diabetes

    Fruit and vegetable salad and glucose meter with tape measure, concept of diabetes

    Studies have shown that when you get used to not starting your day with a good healthy breakfast, it increases your chances of getting type-2 diabetes. Of course, what you eat at the time matters too. Try including fiber-rich and not too sweet breakfast in your daily routine.

    Indian meals are very nutritious and can certainly be treated as a good breakfast option. There are many healthy Indian breakfast options, such as Poha, Idlis, Dosa and other that are not only delicious, but can be a booster to start your daily properly.

    5. Better mood

    Has it ever happened to you that your stomach feels empty and you become more irritated or ‘hangry’? That’s because after a while your energy levels drop down and you start finding yourself not in a working mode anymore. A study compared two examples of people, one who had their breakfast and the others who did not. The people who skipped breakfast were found to become irritated easily with time.

    That is why, it is suggested to grab your bowl or a plate with breakfast before a busy day, if you don’t want to throw an unnecessary fit on your coworkers.

    6. Breakfast for kids

    Kids change their mood easily sometimes and it is hard to keep up with their needs. They may not always be in a mood for eating in the morning, however, as a parent you need to make sure they eat a filling breakfast every day. As we mentioned before, the first meal in the morning is extremely important and plays as a booster to their energy, preparing them for a day full of activities.

    7. You fill your body with more nutrients

    Every meal you consume is a great chance to feed your body with all important nutrients. The morning time is the only time of the day when your body is supposed to absorb all nutrients easily. We understand the morning hustle that all most of us face, however, it is important to sacrifice just a few minutes for a quick breakfast. Try including protein and fiber-rich products in your morning meal, as it gets digested faster and provides an instant kickstart to your day.


    Nowadays many people are in a rush to achieve their goals and find it difficult to find time to think about the importance of health and nutrition. Taking care of your body every day plays a vital part in improving our well-being. Include it in your daily routine and start your day with a healthy and filling breakfast. Avoid processed cereal and artificially sweetened meals that a high in calories. Try doing it for a week or two and see how you feel. We can guarantee that this is how long it takes to make sure you follow a new healthy habit.

    Shraddha Thakur
    Shraddha Thakur
    Shraddha is a graduate from Amity University and associated with OMKITCHEN. She is a passionate content creator who likes to produce informative and engaging content related to health and lifestyle. When not doing that, you can find her trying different kinds of organic food and herbal teas.

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