PRK vs LASIK-Which One Should You Choose?

PRK and LASIK have become the most popular vision correction procedures recently. Both these types of surgeries will get rid of your vision problems but the procedures of both tend to vary widely as to how they are performed by surgeons which is the main difference. Our easy to understand infographic lists everything from the pre-operative instructions to the actual surgical procedures as well as post-operative care for both of them.

All patients who are good candidates for LASIK can opt for PRK, but vice versa does not hold true.

People with high-risk professions, athletes and sportsmen prefer PRK over LASIK to eliminate the risk of corneal flap displacement. Though both surgeries give very similar results, their recovery times differ significantly as PRK recovery takes a bit longer than the LASIK procedure.

Our infographic is sure to help you overcome your confusion between the PRK vs LASIK debate. Elder patients tend to have slightly dry eyes which get aggravated if LASIK is performed on them.

Browsing through this infographic is sure to help make your choice a lot easier.