6 Tips to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Today so many of us have problems with eyes and the most common reason for that are computers. We use computers at work, at home, we read on our tablets and smart phones and it is no wonder we have eye problems. Some of the usual causes are improper viewing distance, poor lighting, uncorrected vision problems and many other factors. However, computer eye strain can be fixed.

Adjust Your Screen

The location of your computer screen should be about 4 or 5 inches below your eye level measured from the center of the screen, and the distance between your eyes and the screen should be 20 to 28 inches. This is an optimal position, and this way you will be looking down on your work, instead of up, which is more relaxing for the eyes.


If your computer is surrounded with numerous artificial light sources your eyes are going to be under pressure all the time. Do not place any lamps and other sources of light directly behind or in front of your screen, because that builds up the pressure in your eyes which can lead to higher pressure inside the retina. And deteriorated retina is the common cause for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which can cause loss of central vision. So, to avoid this, provide the room with enough natural light or use floor lamps to light your room, but avoid direct aim at your screen.

Seating Position

In order to have your eyes at the safe distance from your screen you should get a proper and comfortable chair. When you are sitting, your feet should comfortably rest on the floor, your back should be straight, your arms should be well supported while typing and your wrists should not rest on the keyboard. By having your body in the right and comfortable position, your eyes will not be too close or too far away from the computer which means less strain.

20-20-20 Rule

It is recommended to have occasional rests while using the computer. The rule of 20-20-20 means that every 20 minutes you should look away from the screen, find an object 20 feet away from you and stare at it for 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a chance to exercise a little and you will take a break from the screen thus avoiding any strains and pressure on your eyes.


Often, while using the computer, we get so caught up in our work that we forget to blink. This strong focus on our work can tire our eyes a lot and rare blinking can cause dry eye. That condition is irritating and painful so try remembering to blink frequently.

Minimize Glare

Any reflections on your screen and glares on the walls and other surfaces can prevent you from clearly seeing what is on the screen, and can cause a computer eye strain. As mentioned before, make sure that no light is directly aimed at your screen, remove any objects that have a reflection and paint your walls into darker colors to minimize the glare. Another great solution is installing an anti-glare screen on your computer so your eyes could relax.

Finally, if you have to use computer regularly but you want to keep your eyes healthy, try some of these tips. Relax your eyes, make them feel comfortable and there will be no problems.