The Best Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

    Conceiving a baby can be an awesome experience. A lot of preparations and tips are needed to achieve a successful pregnancy. Pregnancy is also the best time to start taking care of you body in both emotionally and physically not only for your health alone but also for you to have a healthy baby. Through pregnancy, many changes may occur in a woman’s body, it is very important to deal with it without compromising your health and your baby. Techniques offering on how to take care of yourself matters and increase chances of getting pregnant.

    Here are some tips that will guide to a healthy pregnancy:

    Early pregnancy care

    Appropriate prenatal or pregnancy care is necessary for your future child. Visit your trusted healthcare practitioner or schedule for your prenatal check-up. During your visit, you will be examined and evaluated for some conditions that will detect further complications, if any. In choosing a healthcare provider or practitioner, choose a trusted and a reliable person – a person where you can easily deal with and can be trusted. In such way, you can raise your concern, and can tell everything about what you’re experiencing or medications that you’re taking.

    Take food or prenatal supplements

    Not all nutrients needed in our body are can be acquired by just eating healthy foods. It must be accompanied by taking food supplements to ensure your prenatal health. Most of which contain more iron and folic acid that are essential to our health. Enough amount of folic acid is important before a conception or early pregnancy will take place.

    Folic acid reduces the risks of developing neural tube birth defects. The need of iron, on the other hand, increases during pregnancy, especially during the second trimesters. But most importantly, take these supplement in moderation. Taking too much of it can actually be harmful to you and your baby. Avoid overdoses of any supplement, or don’t take any supplement or drugs with the prescription of your doctor or health care provider.

    Monitor what you are eating

    As pregnant, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, how to stay healthy while pregnant? Indeed, it is difficult to have a healthy body while you’re pregnant. There are a lot of factors that may affect your health such stress, anxiety or depression that may occur throughout your pregnancy. But by monitoring what you are eating, one can live a healthy body. It is one of the easiest ways you can do. Take note, there are two of you depending on that body.

    Whatever you eat, is what your child eats. Make sure you eat plenty foods high in protein, calcium and some important nutrients needed. Refrain from eating undercooked meat and eggs, raw seafood, certain fish that are high in mercury or other contaminants, and unpasteurized dairy products to ensure that you’ll not ingest the bacteria present in raw foods. This is to prevent any harm or diseases from affecting your baby.

    Have some regular exercise

    A good and regular exercise can give you the endurance and strength, especially to those who are carrying a baby. Exercise prevents or eases aches or pain, helps you handle the physical stress of labor, and improve circulation in your legs. Moreover, exercise is a great way in boosting the level of serotonin which is linked to mood and reduce stress. Try not to exercise excessively or let yourself get dehydrated or overheated to prevent complications.

    Being pregnant is not an easy thing to deal with. There are steps of pregnancy that are needed to follow and to internalize so that one can achieve a healthy and safe pregnancy. Always take good care of your body, and remember you’re not just doing it for yourself alone, but also for the interest of your future baby.

    Have some rest

    Throughout pregnancy, a woman may feel stress or fatigue. It’s your body’s way of informing you to have some rest and slow down. Listen to your body and just took it easy. Don’t over think. Free yourself from stressors or situation that may affect your mood. Getting some rest is one of the guides on how to have a healthy pregnancy. You can either take a nap in a day and have yourself some short break or just let other responsibilities go for a bit.

    Savor every second of your night sleep. And if you can’t sleep, just relax and calm yourself. If that doesn’t, put your two feet up or read some book or magazines or massage yourself or let your husband massages you. Relaxation or meditation tricks, for example stretching, massage, breathing and yoga are great tips in fighting stress and getting a better and a comfortable night’s sleep.

    NO to illicit drugs, smoking, and alcohol

    Any drugs you take eventually go inside in your bloodstream. Drugs such as cocaine and marijuana restrict your child’s growth, may cause to placental abruption, premature delivery, miscarriage and birth defects either developmental, behavioral, mental or physical problems.

    Smoking also increased the chances of some placental abruption, growth problem, and/or miscarriage. Research says smoking is linked to the increase chances of cleft palate. Even if you’re not a smoker, second hand smoke is dangerous to your health.

    Drinking alcohol while you’re pregnant most not be tolerated. Alcohol reaches your bloodstream and soon to your baby rapidly. The higher your alcohol intake, so does your baby. As a result, he is at high risk of birth defects, and other complications. Always exercise and practice a healthy lifestyle for a normal pregnancy.

    Take good care of your emotional health

    During pregnancy, there’s a high risk of emotional problems or depression that one can experience. If someone’s experiencing depression or other stresses, try to share it with others, the one whom you trusted or some professional so you can get a referral or advice/help. And if you’re also experiencing abusive relationship, share it with your healthcare provider. Because pregnancy can cause some stress in a relationship, that can trigger violence which may put your baby and your health at risk.

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