Easy ways to make your backyard safe for kids

    Outdoor play is vital for the growth and development of kids. It takes them away from technology and allows them to develop social skills and become physically active. Creating a safe play area in your backyard is crucial to avoid injuries.

    The playground is an important part of childhood, and every kid should be able to enjoy their time there. As a parent, you should encourage your little ones to get out and play every day. Playing outside combats problems facing many children, such as obesity and addiction to the internet. 

    While play is important, so is safety. Here are seven useful tips that will ensure you have a kids-friendly backyard.

    Remove Lawn Hazards

    Rocks, sticks, or animal remains are lawn hazards that can harm your child. Regularly check the backyard playgroundto make sure that no such items are lying around. To keep your child from straying beyond the safe area, erect a fence around the backyard.

    Fence the Pool

    If you have a swimming pool, it’s crucial that you keep it out of your kids’ reach whenever you’re not around to supervise them. Fence off the area and construct a gate with a latch that they cannot reach or unlock. You can also put a hardcover over the pool when it’s not in use.

    Two child deaths occur in every ten unintentional drowning fatalities in the U.S., and many others get permanent brain injuries, so this should be a priority. As an additional safety measure, you can install an alarm system that will alert you when your kids approach the pool without supervision.

    Use Safe Structures

    Frequently check structures such as swings and tree houses to ensure that they’re sturdy and don’t have any loose parts. Well-constructed structures will allow your kids to play backyard gameswithout the risk of serious accidents. Placing soft material beneath such erections is one of the most important backyard ideasfor safety that each parent should consider.

    Kids are bound to fall sometimes during play, and a surface such as mulch or rubber material will cushion them and prevent serious injuries. You can also use rubber swings instead of wooden or other hard material as kids tend to get hit a lot in the face by swing seats when playing.

    Remove Poisonous Plants

    Backyard Garden Job

    Poisonous plants can cause rashes when touched and infections that may require instant medical attention if eaten. Therefore, make sure you get rid of plants such as poison ivy, oleander, and lily of the valley from your backyard. For other harmless plants, warn your kids not to eat their leaves or fruits, as they, too, may not be absolutely safe.

    Avoid Chemicals

    Pesticides and herbicides keep insects and weeds out of your backyard, but they’re not good for your little ones. As soon as your baby outgrows their baby walker and can play on the grass, coming into contact with such chemicals can affect their nervous system due to their toxicity.

    If you have to use herbicides or pesticides, only allow your kid to play on the lawn again after watering it. Otherwise, you can try going the organic way to maintain your backyard design.That way, you’ll avoid using chemicals.

    Store Tools Safely

    When you’re making backyard creationssuch as your fence, your child will be curious about your power tools. They’ll also be interested in the lawnmower and will not hesitate to try and touch it, which can lead to injuries. When you’re done with your project or mowing, keep all backyard maintenance tools locked away and out of reach to prevent your kids from hurting themselves.

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    Get A First Aid Kit

    little girl playing in backyard

    While the safest backyard designscan keep your children from most accidents, it’s inevitable that they may occasionally get scraped or bruised. Always have a first aid kit with you containing essentials such as sterile gauze, self-adhesive bandages, antiseptic, and scissors for such incidences.

    Safety First

    There are many fun backyard ideas for kids’games, but your little ones need to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. As such, take your time to ensure that every inch of your yard is free of tripping, drowning, or falling hazards by filling holes, clearing the lawn, and installing barriers.

    Regularly check all the structures to make sure they’re sturdy. That way, your kids will have fun without being in harm’s way. Besides, as a parent, you’ll enjoy peace of mind.

    Please let us know in the comments below what measures you have taken to keep your backyard safe for your kids.

    Betti Wilson
    Betti Wilson
    Betti Wilson is a mother of three. She has had her share of trying to keep her little ones within safe limits in the playground and has since learned the best tips. She encourages parents to look for safe ways to allow their kids to play outdoors as much as possible.

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