4 Design solutions for compact bathrooms

A lot of people don’t have the luxury of having a large, spacious bathroom. Because most of us don’t live in penthouses, we have to deal with cluttered and compact bathrooms, and having one can be a real annoyance, especially if it’s not well designed. Even though you can’t expand the room itself, we have some creative design ideas that will decrease the clutter, make it feel more spacious, and most importantly, make your small bathroom more practical to use.

Buy bathroom cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet

First of all, you should look for ways to declutter your bathroom. In most cases, people with small bathrooms leave their skincare products lying all over the place. This makes things effectively worse, because the already compact bathroom feels overburdened with all those items around. The easiest solution is to buy some bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom furniture will store all your products and save you much space. Built-in cupboards are great storage places for all your medicine, beauty products, shampoos, razors, etc. On top of that, your bathroom will look cleaner.

Increase the lighting

Bathroom Lighting

If you want to achieve the illusion of a larger bathroom, you should increase the lighting in it. Bright and well-lit rooms always look more spacious than dark ones. The best solution would be a large window that will allow for a huge amount of natural sunlight, but sadly, most bathrooms come with tiny windows, so you will have to compensate with a proper lighting system.

Our recommendation are tracking lights. You can place them on the wall, ceiling or wherever you think they fit. These types of lights are used to light up garages, living rooms and other large spaces, so trust us when we say that even the smallest tracking lights will be enough for your compact bathroom.

Replace the bathtub

Bathroom Shower

Usually, the biggest waste of space in small bathrooms is the bathtub. We know that some people enjoy taking long baths and lying around in their bathtub, but to be honest, that is a complete waste of time and space. When you have a small, compact bathroom, chances are that you don’t have a particularly large bathtub which you can fit into nicely. So why have one at all, when you can replace it with a perfectly comfortable shower?

Showers take up less horizontal space, freeing up some much-needed room on the ground. If you install a shower, you will in fact have more space and not just create an illusion of it. Keep in mind that replacing your bathtub will require some bathroom renovations, so be ready to hire a team of experts. This task should not be taken lightly, because there is a lot you can mess up if you choose to do it yourself.

Simple patterns and colors

Lastly, we would like to mention simple patterns and colors and how you can use them to make your bathroom feel more spacious. Use one-color tiles with simple or no patterns, and your bathroom will look roomier. The same goes for colors. If you paint your bathroom in strong, vibrant colors, like red or orange, they will make you feel like the walls are closing in. On the other hand, bright colors, like white and gray, will remove the sense of depth, making it look larger than it actually is.

And that is it from us. We hope that you have found some interesting design solutions for small, compact bathrooms. We know that small bathrooms will remain small, but with our suggestions, you will make the most out of them. Just remember to use simple patterns, increase lighting, and declutter as much as possible. There really is nothing worse than drowning your already small bathroom in beauty and skincare products.