How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

    Like any remodeling around the house, the bathroom projects can be expensive and sometimes even unnecessary. If you are tired of your old and neglected bathroom, before making big decisions, give it a through scrub and replace only what needs replacing.

    Limit the Tiles

    If you want to lay tiles in your bathroom, you should limit it because tiles are expensive, especially if you hire a contractor to do it. Instead of covering the whole bathroom in tiles, you should focus on more vulnerable areas such as floor and the shower area. Cover some places in tiles and finish up by painting the rest of the bathroom in a more interesting color to match the tiles. However, if you dream of having fancy and artistic tiles, you can blend a few of creative tiles among the cheaper ones and draw all the attention to them and save money.

    Repaint the Walls

    Sometimes, it is hard to make big changes on tight budget. However, repainting the walls is always a cheap way to freshen up your bathroom. This may seem like an easy job, but it will take you more time than you think. It is probably the smallest room in the house, but you have to thoroughly and slowly paint around the windows, tub, sink, mirror, shower, the toilet, floor etc. Also, you have to be careful with moist, which causes mildew and mold in your bathroom. To prevent such inconveniences, consider investing a bit more into a quality paint and go over the ceiling with a special bathroom paint which will prevent the growth of mold.

    Reseal the Tub and Sink

    Dirty caulk around the tub or sink can steal the spotlight from all the decor and fancy fixtures. To make that go away, give your tub and sink a good scrub, removing old caulk and then apply a new fresh line of it. You will see the difference immediately and you will protect the tub and sink from mold, mildew and water damage. Not to mention that your bathroom will look as good as new.

    Check the Pipes and Drains

    While remodeling and fixing things, check the pipes and drains in your bathroom. Noisy and leaky pipes could make you a lot of trouble if things go bad, costing you more to replace and fix everything in your bathroom. Also, all the drains should be fully functional and clean to avoid any nasty inconveniences. In order to solve the problem of blocked drains in Sydney we call plumbers who have the necessary equipment to reach the blockage. This will prevent further damaging in your bathroom and save some money.

    Replace Faucet and Shower Head

    Hard water can be the worst enemy of shower heads and faucets. The scale deposits are easy to clean at the beginning, but through time they become our worst nightmare. If you are tired of scrubbing hard the faucets and shower heads, then include replacing those in your remodeling project. This is one of the inexpensive ways of freshening things up, so go for it and find your favorite faucets and shower heads.

    Replace the Toilet Seat and a Shower Curtain

    Toilet seats should last long, but sometimes accidents just happen, or they get loose and really dirty. A new colorful toilet seat can instantly refresh your bathroom. Choose the one you like, and replace it yourself easily. Also, you should consider replacing your old shower curtain with a fresh new one that matches your remodeled bathroom. Consider frequently changing the curtains since they are exposed to water the most, which makes them more prone to growing mold and unpleasant smells.

    Even if on a tight budget, you can still do a lot around your bathroom. Pay attention to detail and on ways to enhance hygiene and clean, relaxing look.

    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl from Sydney. She studies architecture and likes to write in her free time. Her favourite hobbies are knitting and cooking for her family and friends.

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