What to Have in Your Kitchen for an Elegant Dinner

Whether you’re planning an elegant dinner with your beau, his parents, or a few of your favorite gals, it’s important to note that the atmosphere you present your guests with is just as important as the quality of food you serve. To make a good impression and create an elegant ambiance time and again, here are a few things that you should always have in your kitchen.

An Elegant Set of Trivets and Coasters

An-Elegant-Set-of-Trivets-and-CoastersProtecting your table from heat and moisture damage is something that you should do at meal time every day. However, when you’re expecting company over for an elegant dinner, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to take the style game of your table essentials up a notch. Simply trade out your everyday trivets and coasters for a more luxurious set and you’ll be able to transform the overall mood of your table setting in one easy step.

When it comes to my own table setting, I’ve found that Mexican pewter trivets and coasters are the perfect upgrade when I’m looking to create an elegant atmosphere. Whether you plan to go with a cultured design, or would rather stick to a set with a more contemporary feel, there are handcrafted Mexican pewter essentials out there for every individual’s taste—and if you know where to look, it’s easy to find matching sets!

Serve Your Starters in Style

Serve-Your-Starters-in-StyleAn elegant dinner often consists of a variety of courses, and whether you plan on starting off your meal with Italian bread and butter, multi-grain crackers and an assortment of cheeses, or a freshly dressed salad, it’s important to always serve your starters in style. Not only will it make your food look ten times better, but it will make your guests feel like you’re dining in a fine restaurant, and that’s always a plus!

Whether you opt for fine china, or you stick to the brilliant gleam of handcrafted Mexican pewter, here are a few pieces you should always have in your collection:

  • A small tray for cheeses, olives, hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, etc.
  • A rounded cracker tray and matching spreader.
  • A salad bowl with matching servers.

Entree Trays and Platters

Another piece that you should always have in your kitchen for those elegant dinners is a sophisticated entree tray for setting out the main course. Whether you’ve prepared a roasted chicken, a vegetarian lasagna, or an asian-fusion pan-seared tuna, presentation is key. Serving up your soon-to-be-famous dish on a beautiful platter is sure to showcase all of the hard work you’ve put into the meal.

Finish It Off with Drinks

Finish-It-Off-with-DrinksNow it’s time for the perfect finishing touch for your elegant dinner: the drinks. Whether you’re serving up hot tea and cookies, or something that will put a little more color in your cheeks, you should always have these pieces in your kitchen so that you can finish off your elegant dinner with a bang:

  • A wine bottle holder.
  • A decorative ice bucket and matching scoop.
  • A medium sized rectangle tray for carrying a coffee or teapot.

And if cohesion is important for you too, then you’ll be happy to know that every item on the list is available from PK Fine Imports, an expert in handcrafted Mexican pewter. To make it even better for cleanup, Mexican pewterware can be easily hand washed with soap and water and it requires absolutely no polishing to maintain its beautiful luster. Put together your own set today and get ready to host your own elegant dinners.